Did you recognize that there is a clear differential between a foundation and a BB cream?

While they both aim to improve the appearance of your skin, there is a key distinction between them: each offers a different level of coverage.

How can you choose the choice that is best for your skin? The conflict between BB cream and foundation has been clarified for you.

A BB cream, often known as a beauty balm or blemish balm, is made to provide your skin a mild to sheer amount of coverage.

BB creams fix your blemishes and are perfect for a "no-makeup makeup look" because they have skincare advantages including SPF, antioxidants, and moisturizing characteristics.

The main job of a foundation is to provide coverage. In addition to hiding your flaws and minimizing imperfections, foundations work more harder than a typical BB cream to even out your skin tone. 

Foundation give your skin a flawless, evenly-toned canvas on which the remainder of your products can be applied.

A foundation with a matte texture and better coverage is best for oily skin because these features reduce oil production and enable longer wear.

A light-to-medium coverage product with a dewy finish will look better on dry skin.

It's best to combine different formulations and stay away from foundations that are oil-rich or emollient if you have combination skin.

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