Different Body Shapes Of Women: Find out your body shape

Women's bodies come in a variety of shapes. They are all stunning in their own unique ways.

A woman's body shape is influenced by their age, bone structure, muscle mass, heredity, fat distribution, and way of life.

If your dimensions are the same over your entire body, you have a straight body type.

1. The Straight Body Shape

You have a pear or triangle-shaped figure if your hips are large and your bust is small.

2. Pear Body Shape

If you have a wider breast than your hips round shoulders, a slimmer hip, and narrower legs and arms, you have an apple body type.

3. Apple Body Shape

Large hips that are larger than the rest of the body define the spoon body form or pear body shape.

4. Spoon Body Shape

Your waist is defined, and you have a balanced breast line and buttocks. Your body is proportionate throughout, and your buttocks are naturally round.

5. Hourglass Body Shape

You have slim legs, petite hips, and broad shoulders.

6. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Your breast will be bigger than your body if you have an oval-shaped body. The hips will appear small, while the midsection will appear full.

7. Oval Body Shape

If you have a diamond-shaped body, your hips will be broad, and your bust will be narrow and in alignment with the shoulders.

8. Diamond Shaped