Different Nail Shapes And How To Achieve Them

Look at the various nail shapes you may choose from if you want to show off your nails but aren't sure what the best shape is for doing so.

Your appearance is enhanced by having nice, well-maintained nails. It is not difficult to achieve precisely manicured nails, and you can hire professionals or try at home.

Round-shaped nails are generally the easiest to maintain. This is definitely the shape for you if you want something low-maintenance but still need your nails to appear nice. 

Oval Shaped Nails make your nails look incredibly attractive. File the sides to create an egg-like shape to produce this nail form.

Square shaped Nails are one of the most common nail shapes. I t's a wise decision because it follows the normal size of your nails, reducing the chance of it breaking.

Squoval Shaped Nails are a variant of the square and oval, the squoval or soft square is another popular nail design.

Almond Nails are broad at the base and narrow at the sides. Find the middle of the nail's tip and shape both sides such that it forms a peak there to achieve this.

Stiletto shaped Nails offer the appearance of long, slender nails. Find a centre point and begin filing from either side to meet it, much like with almond-shaped nails.

Ballerina shaped  Nails are a more subtle variant of the stiletto nail form. Then, file the nails down the sides to the middle point. After that, trim the tips to a square.