7 Types of Lips and How to Apply Lipstick - The Correct Way for Each Type

Understanding face features is necessary while applying makeup in order to know how to highlight them to make you appear your best.

1. Heart-shaped lips

Line the center of heart-shaped lips with a white pencil to make them appear fuller, or use a creamy neutral eye shadow to give them a fuller appearance.

2. Curvy, thick lips

This lip form is characterized by a top and bottom lip that are evenly balanced, with the bottom lip typically projecting noticeably.

3. Top-heavy lips

Finish the appearance by filling in the outline of the upper lip slightly under your natural lip shape.

4. Bottom-heavy lips

Apply some creamy neutral eyeshadow to the center of the top lip to give it more volume, or lightly smudge the lower lip's lip line to make it blend in with your skin tone.

5. Thin lips

Using a lighter tint on the lower lip can give the appearance of more fullness.

6. Wide lips

When using lip makeup, overline your lips to enlarge them and balance out their breadth.

7. Small, round lips

Although little lips are thin, they nevertheless feature a noticeable protruding pout.

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