Get Fairer Feet with This DIY Feet Whitening Pedicure

Your feet take the most abuse throughout the course of the day, yet when it comes to relaxing, ladies only pay attention to their face and body.

Numerous issues can arise if you don't take care of the skin of your feet. Sun exposure can result in chapped feet, dryness, skin texture, and even blackness.

Your feet need some Care, and you can give them that right in the convenience of your own house without having to spend a fortune on spa treatments!

With the use of a nail polish remover, start by cleaning off any remaining nail paint from your nails. After that, cut your nails to the appropriate length and form.

Next, wash and dry your feet. Your feet should be covered with aloe vera gel for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

To thoroughly clean it once more, wipe your feet with a moist towel. Apply toothpaste to your feet's nails and then use a toothbrush to brush them.

This will remove all the dirt and leave them bright white and clean. In a bathtub, add some hot water, the shampoo, lemon, salt, and glycerin, and stir well.

Step into it now, dipping your feet in until they are fully soaked. Give them 20 minutes to stay.

Keep cleaning to have noticeably fairer feet by removing grime, dead skin, tan, and filth. Apply your preferred moisturizer after thoroughly drying your feet.