How To Apply and Use Indigo Powder to Color Hair

Indigo powder has long been used in hair treatment since it combines botanical advantages with a natural hair colouring effect.

The leaves are soaked in water and fermented to create the colour. The leaves are first sun-dried to a crunchy consistency before being ground to create the powder.

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Benefits of indigo for hair

Fill the container with the right quantity of indigo powder. To create a thick paste, combine it with warm water and stir well. Soak the mixture for 30 to 40 minutes.

How to prepare indigo hair dye

A step-by-step tutorial for using indigo hair color

Step 1: Ensure there are no knots or tangles in your hair, brush it out first. To prevent your hands and nails from becoming stained, wear old t-shirt and a pair of plastic gloves.

Step 2: Divide your hair into several portions and begin dying them. Use a dye brush to apply the paste in layers, then use your hands to rub it in.

Step 3: To prevent additional oxidation of the hair dye after it has been applied to your head, cover it with plastic or a shower cap. After two to three hours, rinse it off with warm water.

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