How to Get Rid of Dark Knees naturally 

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Because there is more melanin in the knees and elbows than in other parts of the body, they are darker. Dark knees and elbows can be brought on by friction, wear and tear, and sun damage.

We are here to reveal all the solutions, quick treatments, and at-home therapies required to permanently lighten dark knees.

Exfoliating your knees on a daily basis is one of the easiest techniques to lighten them. It easily removes dark areas and thoroughly removes dead skin cells while also directly nourishing the skin.

To prevent your knees from becoming ashy, moisturise them every day. It might be the secret to regulating melanin synthesis and imparting a healthy glow to the skin.

Don't forget to treat your knees with a milk and baking soda mixture that exfoliates the skin and rejuvenates previously lifeless skin.

Both lemon and honey brighten skin and lessen blemishes. Apply a tbsp of honey and lemon juice to the knees. After allowing it to dry for 30 minutes, rinse it off with water.

Olive oil is known for intensely hydrating skin, and sugar is a popular exfoliant; when used together, they help lighten your knees.

Aloe vera not only calms and treats dry skin, but it also encourages the formation of collagen, which prevents wrinkles on the knees.

Natural oils, such as coconut or almond oil help to moisturise dry and dull skin. Also, they include anti-darkening qualities that might aid in balancing the skin colour of your knees.