How To Grow Hair Faster - Thicker and Longer Hair

Heat styling can cause hair to split and damaged. Your hair might not grow as rapidly as you'd like if you frequently get blowouts, use a straightening, curling, or hot comb.

1. Avoid using styling tools


Get frequent trims

It is best to regularly trim your hair to maintain its health. The ends of the strands, which are the most frail, are what are cut off when you receive a trim.


Reduce Frequency of Colouring

Your hair becomes weaker from using bleaching and other chemical hair treatments like permanents, making it more prone to break before reaching the desired length.


Brush Your Hair Before Going to Bed

While you sleep, brushing your hair will be a great way to improve the blood flow to your scalp.


Eat right For Hair Growth

You must eat more protein if you want to give your hair the nutrition it needs to grow.


Don’t Shampoo Daily

Daily shampooing will weaken the hair by drying it out. This will give your follicles time to moisturize and heal itself by allowing natural oils to absorb them.

This helps to protect the cuticles of the hair and strengthen the hair strands.

After a bath, rinse your hair with cold water.



Take Care of Wet Hair

Do not aggressively rub your towel to dry it because damp hair fibers are easily broken. To dry it, gently massage the hair in one direction, from the tips to the roots.

While heredity play a part in hair growth, many other variables are also at work. There are steps you can do to improve the health and growth of your hair.

The most important thing is to have a balanced diet with enough protein and other essential elements. Certain treatments and products may boost hair growth.