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How to grow thicker eyebrows – 7 Simple Ways to Do So naturally

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Although eyebrow pencils, gels, and other similar cosmetics offer fast and temporary benefits, attempting to naturally thicken your brows would be preferable for long-term results.

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So, there are some ways to help improve brows, but nothing beats using natural remedies. Here are the some natural methods for thick eyebrow growth.

1. castor oil

One of the best methods for thickening eyebrows is this one. As a result of its protein, vitamin, and antioxidant content, it helps in replenishing your hair follicles.

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Coconut oil has moisturizing properties and is excellent for enhancing blood flow. This protects your brows and encourages them to grow quicker.

2. Coconut oil

3. Olive oil

It has vitamins including vitamins E and A that promote hair growth. While vitamin a promotes sebum, vitamin e nourishes hair follicles.

4.  Fenugreek seeds

It is packed with protein and nicotinic acid, which promote hair growth and strengthen the strands.

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5.  Egg yolk

Keratin protein is the main element of eyebrow hair, and egg is a good source of protein. Egg yolks are also high in biotin, which promotes brow growth.

6. curry leaves

Curry leaves are an important part of ayurvedic and are used to improve new hair growth.

7. Aloe vera

Aloenin, a component found in aloe vera, strengthens weak follicles while also boosting hair growth.

So, here are 7 best natural remedies to grow and thicken eyebrows. Also, you can grow your eyelashes like this with natural home remedies by clicking below link.

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