How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger

Every woman likes lips that are bigger, smoother, and plumper. However, it is not that easy. If you want to do it permanently, it is also pricey to do so. 

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has shown us that makeup can totally change the way you look. Kylie used makeup to achieve her perfect pout before getting lip fillers, and you can do the same!

If you've always wanted lips that are fuller and thicker, your wish is about to come true. We will provide some tips that give you fuller lips.

Lip exfoliation should come first, before you try any other tricks. Your lips may appear smaller than they are if your lips are flaky.

Exfoliate your lips


Dehydration causes the lips to quiver and appear smaller. On the other hand, those with intense moisture look plump and pouty. Every day, apply a decent lip balm that is moisturizing.

It's easy; just dab your concealer all over your lips. Then, using a lip liner, lightly draw an outline outside of your normal lip line.

Overline your lips

Don't neglect this little step if you want lips that appear fuller. The product will draw light to your pout, making it appear bigger.

Apply a lip gloss

Applying a small amount of highlighter is another tip for getting larger lips. Try this makeup tip to discover how your lips will change in shape.

Dab some highlighter

According to fundamental lip science, your lips will reflect more light and appear larger if they are less flaky and smooth.

Brushing Technique

Home remedies to get bigger lips:

- Icing - Cinnamon lip scrub - Cinnamon plump brush - Peppermint oil lip gloss