The best way to remove gel nail polish at home without damaging your nails.

You should work on one hand at a time when stripping gel nail polish from your nails since it is easier.


When going to the nail salon isn't an option, knowing how to remove your gel nail polish at home is essential.

1. Apply a small coat of petroleum jelly to the skin around each cuticle.

2. Cotton balls or strips should be cut to the length of each nail.

3. Put acetone in each piece of cut cotton before use.

4. Wrap the nail in plastic food wrap after placing each piece of sopped cotton on top of the nail.

5. For 10 minutes, keep the plastic wrap in place. The majority or all of the gel polish should be gone when you remove the plastic wrap.

6. Use a washcloth that has just been soaked in warm water to remove any residual gel nail paint.

7. To get rid of the acetone, gently clean your hands or feet with soap and water.

8. Every day for seven days, gently massage petroleum jelly into your nails and the skin near your nails.