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The Different Types of Boobs in the World and They All Are Beautiful

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There are many variations in breast forms and sizes. The shape of a woman's boobs might vary depending on a variety of factors, including her genes, body fat, age, etc. 

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Tear Drop - The tear drop breast is circular, like round breasts, but your boobs are a bit less plump at the top.

Close-set Breast

In this form, there is little to no space between the two boobs. They lay closer to your chest's midline.

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This type of boobs has a little tip at the nipple and is round and plump. It is regarded as the "standard" and most typical kind of breast.

Archetype Breast

Round shapes

Round boobs are entirely circular and equal on the bottom and top of the breasts.

Side Set

If there is a small distance between your breasts, your breasts are said to be side set. Your breast type would be best suited by a front-close bra that tightens in the front.

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Athletic boobs are wider and have a muscular appearance with less breast tissue or volume up top.



These are rounder and fuller towards the bottom and have a thin, narrow top. Typically, ladies with larger breasts have this form.

Pear-shaped diamonds

The tissue in pear-shaped diamonds is slightly less dense at the top and fuller at the bottom.

There are various kinds of boobs in the world! Since every big-boobed woman is different and beautiful in her own way, it is totally normal that every pair of boobs differ greatly from one another.

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