Does Garnier Vitamin C Serum really give spot-less skin in just 3 days?

The Garnier Vitamin C Serum is a weightless product that blends in beautifully with all skin types and doesn't leave any white residue. It includes the strength of 30x vitamin C concentration.


-Lightweight texture -Non-oily formula -Fast absorbing formula -Dermatological tested -Pleasant, refreshing lemony scent

– INR 225 for 15 ml – INR 449 for 30 ml

Garnier vitamin c serum price

The face serum from Garnier with the highest concentration of non-oily ingredients rapidly absorbs into the skin. It has powerful nutrients like yuzu lemon and 30X VITAMIN C.

Product details

The lightweight texture of Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Booster Serum is rich and creamy with a non-greasy skin feel. This serum is suitable for all skin types and dermatological tested.

Reduces dark spots and acne marks and gives spot-less, bright skin in just 3 days

What the product claims:

The most potent spot-reduction product from Garnier brightens your skin and removes dark spots and acne scars after  regular usage.

The anti-oxidant-rich face serum Garnier vitamin C 30x booster serum gives your skin a new lease on life and a clear, spotless complexion.

– Lightweight – Affordable – Non-sticky  formula – Glass bottle with dropper – Gentle fragrance

Pros of Garnier light complete vitamin c serum

So, Does Garnier Vitamin C Serum really give spot-less skin in just 3 days? Read detailed description and Review by clicking below link.