Latest Feathered Hair Cuts in a Stylish Way for  Long hair

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If you prefer to keep up with current fashion in terms of hairstyles, a feathered haircut is one that you should try right now.

Even though this style may be achieved on all hair lengths, a feathery cut on long hair appears incredibly fashionable.

1. Thick feathers 

Since thick feathers don't significantly reduce volume, they work well with all hair types and facial shapes.

2. Voluminous feathers

A voluminous feathery haircut is a terrific method to show off shiny hair.

3. Balayage

One of the hottest hairstyle trends at the moment is balayage.

4. Straight fine feathers

This style will add well density to your locks. Also, this haircut looks good on all face forms, including round faces.

5. Layers with feathered

It will improve the color of your hair in addition to giving your appearance a ton of volume and gloss.

6. Feather cut with bangs

The feather cut looks beautiful with bangs too.

For a luxurious look, long hair can be styled and trimmed in a wide variety of ways. Read more about beauty and fashion tips.