Natural Ways to Get Permanent Hair Straightening At Home

If you have the correct ingredients, it is possible to permanently straighten your hair at home! Check out these all-natural remedies to smooth out the frizzy hair.

1. coconut oil with castor oil Hot oil treatments help in delivering deeply moisturization into your hair shaft, where they begin to perform their magic.

2. From the very first application, the lime and coconut water mask will provide your hair a smooth finish. Citrusy lemon makes your hair silky smooth while coconut water hydrates.

3. You can get a deeply conditioned and relatively straighter mane with the help of eggs and olive oil. The fatty acids in eggs nourish the hair follicles while also mending hair damage.

4. A papaya and banana hair mask improves your hair's tensile strength and gives it a straighter look.

5. One of the most moisturizing ingredients, aloe vera also contains proteolytic enzymes that work as a conditioner and give your hair a sleek, glossy appearance.

6. Rice water are key for long, silky, and lustrous hair. Rice water improves the structure and appearance of your hair.

7. Apple cider vinegar helps to reduce the pH level of your hair and scalp giving it a clean and smooth shine.

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