12 Best Wooden Combs for Hair in India 2023

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best wooden combs for hair available in India.

Do you believe that only chemically treated shampoo, conditioner, hair styling tools, or other hair care products can cause hair damage? However, your comb might potentially harm your hair.

Combs come in various materials, including metal, horn, cellulose acetate, and plastic. These combs conduct static electricity, making our hair look lifeless and frizzy. Use wooden brushes instead of plastic or other combs. It helps to maintain hair health and prevent damage.

A wooden comb is an excellent tool for styling hair without causing damage to it. They can be used to untangle your hair, brush out knots, and add volume. Also, it stimulates hair growth, stops hair loss, and nourishes the hair. You can use Neem wooden combs to treat dandruff and flaky scalp.

Therefore, after detailed research, we have listed the top wooden comb brands in India. The products we’ve chosen below are top options based on consumer recommendations and top-rated products from our favorite reliable brands. The best wood hair comb for your hair type is listed below:

12 Best Wooden Combs for Hair in India

1. Bella Vita Organic Neem wooden combCheck Price
2. Tyaga Handmade Neem wood Anti-Dandruff CombsCheck Price
3. Herbal Brews – Desi Neem Wooden CombCheck Price
4. The Legend Organic Pure Neem Wood CombCheck Price
5. Nat Habit Kacchi Neem CombCheck Price
6. Healifty Handle Hair CombCheck Price
7. Keya Seth Aromatherapy, Neem Wooden CombCheck Price
8. Evana Handcraft Pure neem wooden combCheck Price
9. VEGA Natural Wooden Styling CombCheck Price
10. TASHKURST Neem Wooden CombCheck Price
11. Twisha Handmade Neem Wood CombCheck Price
12. Just Herbs Handmade Wide-Tooth Neem CombCheck Price

12 Best Wooden Combs in India

Therefore, to simplify things, we have put together this complete list of the Best Wooden Combs in India and in-depth information to help you discover the one that’s best for you.

Best Wooden Combs in India

1. Bella Vita Organic Neem wooden comb

Products from Bella Vita are made from the highest-quality natural ingredients. It is an excellent wooden comb for detangling thick hair. This Bella Vita comb has large teeth and was handcrafted in India using only long neem wood.

This comb helps in detangling hair without harming the hair strands with static electricity. This wooden detangling comb is much gentler on the hair.

The tips of this best wood comb for hair are rounded and polished. This ensures that there aren’t any nicks or cuts on the scalp, hence preventing dandruff buildup.

In addition, it has helpful natural features that improve blood flow to the scalp, promote hair growth, and lessen damage to hair tresses. Finally, its wide tooth makes it simple to detangle your hair.

Price: INR 199 (Buy Here)

  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-static
  • Handcrafted with 100% Neem Wood
  • Easily detangled hair
  • Gentle on your hair & scalp
  • Nourishes the scalp
  • None
Bella Vita Organic Neem Wooden Comb Wide Teeth for Tangle...
  • It is eco-friendly, handcrafted with 100% Neem Wood.
  • It helps to keep your scalp nourished and free of dandruff.
  • People of any age and with any hair type can use it.

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2. Tyaga Handmade Neem wood Anti-Dandruff Combs

Searching for neem wood comb to get rid of dandruff? Get your hands over Tyaga’s handmade neem wood combs that are made from 100% natural neem wood.

These combs help to protect the scalp from dandruff and other problems. The wooden fibers in it are excellent for conditioning hair.

Using a comb removes the natural oils from the scalp to the hair tresses. However, Tyaga wooden combs help in distributing scalp oil to the hair. It also helps in controlling split ends.

It is the best anti-dandruff wooden comb in India because of its anti-bacterial properties, which help to treat dandruff and itchy scalp issues.

Also, it improves hair health and gently massages the scalp. The set has four types, sizes, and shapes of tyaga combs.

Price: INR 499 Pack of 4 (Buy Here)

  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Flexible bristles
  • Quality and genuine neem wood
  • Durable
  • 100% herbal neem wood
  • None as such
Tyaga Handmade Neem Wood Anti-Dandruff Comb with Pure Cotton...
  • Tyaga assured about quality and genuine neem wood
  • No mixing
  • Reduces hairfall, removes dandruff and itchy scalp problems

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3. Herbal Brews – Desi Neem Wooden Comb

The Herbal Brews wooden hair comb is another good option for handcrafted neem wood. This herbal brews comb is the best wooden comb for men and an eco-friendly product.

By combing hair with this great comb, you can see a difference in overall hair health. It is hygienic and simple to clean.

Because of its natural antibacterial properties, this handcrafted wooden comb helps remove lice. You can regulate body charge and reduce static with the help of this comb. Also, it eliminates dandruff and itchy scalp issues and lessens hair loss.

Price: INR 199 (Buy Here)

  • Handcrafted
  • Fine tooth quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Nourishes hair
  • Sturdy design
  • Sharp-tipped bristles
Herbal Brews - Desi Neem Wooden Comb for Women & Men | Hair...
  • Herbal Brews Wooden Hair Comb for Men & Women is handcrafted from Neem...
  • Anti-Dandruff Wooden Comb for Men, Women and Kids. Comb Hair with this...
  • Assured Quality and Genuine Desi Neem Hair Combs for Women & Men...

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4. The Legend Organic Pure Neem Wood Comb

The legend wooden comb is the finest and most handcrafted neem wood comb created in India. It has evenly placed teeth that glide through your hair quickly.

The comb won’t break because of its smooth design. Every tooth on the comb is intentionally blunt to keep your scalp feeling smooth.

This comb has perfectly spaced teeth that won’t move or separate from the comb. This one is the best wooden comb for fine hair because of its fine-tooth comb.

This neem wood comb decreases hair loss, fosters a healthy scalp and hair, avoids frizz and hair breakage, and inhibits the growth of fungus and germs.

Price: INR 185 (Buy Here)

  • 100 % organic
  • Strong and smooth bristles
  • Eco-friendly
  • Prevents itchy scalp
  • Promotes healthy hair
  • Zero static damage
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Not durable
The Legend Organic Pure Neem Wood Comb, Brown
  • Handcrafted from Neem Wood. Neem is a wonder plant, recognized for its...
  • Package Includes: 1 Neem Comb: Color: Brown
  • The Legend brand guarantees GENUINE Neem Wood

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5. Nat Habit Kacchi Neem Comb

The handcrafted Nat Habit Kacchi Neem Wooden Comb promotes nutrient delivery to the scalp during deep combing. It is made of young neem wood.

This neem comb has been pre-soaked in neem oil and treated with it, along with amla, coconut, sesame, bhringraj, castor, and other herbs and oils. The comb is soaked and treated with 17 different herbs.

These combs stimulate the scalp, target dandruff, and hair loss, and promote hair growth. The Neem Comb does multiple tasks, including detangling hair, taming frizz, and enhancing the luster of your locks.

It works best on short hair or after removing hair knots in long hair. The Dual Tooth Kacchi Neem Comb helps reduce frizz while adding a beautiful sheen.

Price: INR 199 (Buy Here)

  • 100% pure cold pressed oils
  • Prevents static
  • Sturdy design
  • Good packaging
  • Oil and herb treated
  • Detangles the hair
  • Controls dandruff
  • Controls frizz
  • None
Nat Habit Kacchi Neem Wooden Comb - Soaked In 17 Herbs, Neem...
  • Oil & Herb Treated: Neem Comb Is Pre-Soaked & Treated With Neem Oil,...
  • Made Of Young Neem Wood: Made Of Young (Kaccha) Neem Wood For Maximised...
  • Hair Growth & Hairfall Control With Scalp Stimulation: Activates Hair...

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6. Healifty Handle Hair Comb

The Healifty handle comb is a good pick for frizzy hair that is made of high-quality bamboo. It successfully reduces friction in the hair for simple combing and protects against issues like dandruff, split ends, brittle hair, and hair loss.

Comb teeth layout makes detangling your hair simple. The airbag design provides a pleasant and relaxing massage for your scalp, which helps reduce headaches and stimulate blood flow.

Price: INR 499 (Buy Here)

  • Durable design
  • Not easy to break
  • Anti-static feature
  • Comfortable handle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Smooth bristles
  • Pricey
Healifty Handle Hair Comb Massage Comb Wooden Bristles...
  • High quality bamboo material with scientific design for durable and...
  • Humanized design, make your relaxed and the pressure and .
  • Anti-static feature. Effectively decrease the hair friction for easy...

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7. Keya Seth Aromatherapy, Neem Wooden Comb

The handcrafted Keya Seth aromatherapy wooden comb is made of high-quality wood. It does not generate static electricity, reducing loose hair loss due to attraction.

By thoroughly combing the hair, this wooden comb massages the scalp. It helps clean the grime layer, dead cells, and dandruff.

Also, it encourages the sebaceous glands’ regular activity and helps them release their oils. It works perfectly for massaging the scalp because of its smooth teeth.

Price: INR 199 (Buy Here)

  • Mild fragrance
  • Gently detangles hair
  • Available in 4 variants
  • High-quality neem wood
  • Prevents hair frizz
  • Smooth bristles
  • Not sturdy
Keya Seth Aromatherapy, Neem Wooden Comb Wide Tooth for Hair...
  • Neem Wood Comb: Made from High-Quality Neem Wood, the Handcrafted Comb for...
  • .Antibacterial & Antifungal: Native to Indian Subcontinent, Neem has been...
  • Promotes Hair Growth: The Wooden Neem Comb helps in Fresh Hair Gain by...

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8. Evana Handcraft Pure neem wooden comb

Evana wooden comb is handcrafted from pure neem wood and designed for daily combing. As you comb your hair, the scalp receives a gentle massage.

Evana handcrafted wooden neem comb for hair growth and hair fall control has both broad and thin teeth. Neem combs with wide teeth are better for detangling hair, whereas neem combs with narrow teeth can be used to massage the roots.

Also, it keeps its original freshness for a very long period. It protects against hair loss, breakage, and static electrical damage.

Price: INR 99 (Buy Here)

  • 100% pure Neem
  • Handmade
  • Ideal for all Hair Types
  • Anti-Static Neem Wood
  • Detangles the hair easily
  • Does not damage hair
  • Not sturdy
Evana Handcraft Pure neem wooden comb for hair growth| Model...
  • PROMOTES HAIR HEALTH NATURALLY: Evana Handcraft Neem wooden comb for Hair...
  • ANTI STATIC ELECTICITY: Being Anti Static Neem Wood does not damage hair....
  • BOTH WIDE AND THIN TOOTH: Our Natural Neem Wood Combs have both wide tooth...

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9. VEGA Natural Wooden Styling Comb

This is a natural wooden styling comb. When used on the hair, this wooden Vega comb lessens hair breakage.

The rounded edges of the wooden teeth have the effect of gently stroking the scalp. Its delicate teeth encourage the natural oils in the hair follicles, increasing natural volume and sheen.

Price: INR 160 (Buy Here)

  • Handcrafted
  • Gentle on scalp
  • Helps in hair styling
  • Round teeth
  • Easy to remove tangles
  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Sturdy comb
  • Smooth bristles
  • None
Vega Natural Wooden Styling Hair Comb,Handmade, (India's...
  • Helps in hair styling
  • Made of wood
  • Round teeth gently massages your scalp

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10. TASHKURST Neem Wooden Comb

It is handcrafted from oil-treated kachi neem wood. This neem wood comb promotes blood flow naturally and gives your delicate hair essential oil.

The oil-treated kacchi neem comb prevents dandruff, lice, frizz, and hair loss while promoting natural healing and freshness. So, I can say that it is the best wooden comb for hair growth in India.

It includes three different hair set combinations: a little pocket wooden comb for men, a wide tooth wooden comb for long, curly-haired women, and another comb for styling all of your family’s hair.

It is the best wooden comb for curly hair because it effortlessly removes knots and tangles from unruly curly hair.

Price: INR 299 (Buy Here)

  • Oil-treated
  • Kacchi neem comb
  • Nourishes hair
  • Promotes healthy scalp
  • Made of neem wood comb
  • Detangles hair
  • Subtle neem smell
  • Prevents breakage
  • The teeth on the widest comb are a little sharp
TASHKURST Neem Wooden Comb | Hair comb set combo for Women &...
  • [PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH ] – Neem comb naturally improves blood flow &...
  • [ANTI DANDRUFF COMB ] – Oil treated Kacchi Neem Comb reduces dandruff,...

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11. Twisha Handmade Neem Wood Comb

Twisha neem wood comb is carefully made from the wonderful and well-known neem tree’s wood. This wooden comb set made from neem contains the herb’s benefits and helps maintain healthy hair.

Since it is constructed of natural neem wood, it treats dandruff and itchy scalp issues. Because of its numerous health advantages, neem is recognized as a medicinal plant.

Regular brushing with these combs reduces scalp infections and dandruff. This comb maintains hair health, lessens hair loss, and eliminates dandruff.

Price: INR 185 (Buy Here)

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Nourishes hair
  • Comfortable to grip
  • Effortlessly glide through your hair
  • Sharp bristles
Twisha Handmade Neem Wood Broad Tooth Comb For Men And Women...
  • Made Up Of Natural Neem Wood
  • Fine toothed - suitable for styling - Non static
  • Combing with wooden comb nourishes hair and improves blood circulation in...

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12. Just Herbs Handmade Wide-Tooth Neem Comb

The wooden neem comb from just herbs is composed of neem wood and has a little neem scent. Regular use of this comb reduces hair loss and inhibits dandruff as well as infections of the scalp.

This wooden comb massages the scalp, increasing blood circulation and promoting hair growth. This handmade wooden comb is the best neem wood comb in India.

Also, it facilitates hair laying and gives hair a glossy, smooth texture. All hair types can use this wooden comb, which is non-static and has a light fragrance.

Price: INR 195 (Buy Here)

  • Pleasant aroma
  • Non-static
  • Gentle on scalp
  • It helps cleanse the scalp
  • It helps naturally nourish hair
  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Not durable
Just Herbs Handmade Wooden Neem Comb for Hair Growth and...
  • Gentle on scalp
  • Helps remove dust and dirt from scalp
  • Helps naturally nourish hair

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Benefits of Using Wooden Combs

Here are some benefits of a wooden comb for hair.

  • Gentle on the scalp
  • Stimulates healthy scalp
  • It does not produce static
  • Conditions the hair
  • Boosts Blood Circulation
  • Prevents Tangles
  • It prevents breakage and hair loss
  • Helps Reduce Dandruff
  • Encourages Hair Growth
  • Heal Itchy Scalp

Reasons why we should use a wooden comb

  • Anti-bacterial Properties

The wood is anti-microbial because of its inherent oils. Using a wooden hair comb could help stop subsequent infections if you have any kind of bacterial infection.

  • Wooden Hair Comb Uses

Brush your hair out using a wooden hair comb. Use a wooden hair comb to style your hair into a bun if you want to appear professional. Additionally, you can use it to twist up your long hair.

  • Easy Cleanup

Washing out your wooden hair comb after every use is not necessary. Use only soap and water to clean the comb, and then let it air dry.

  • Durable

Wooden combs last longer than plastic combs. Over time, plastic combs are prone to breaking easily.

  • Versatile

You may style both wet and dry hair with a wooden comb.

  • Eco-friendly

A wooden hair comb is all-natural and eco-friendly. It doesn’t need any toxic materials or dangerous chemicals.

Disadvantages of Wooden Combs

There are certain drawbacks to using wooden combs:

  1. They can get dirty quickly. If you don’t clean it regularly, bacteria can build up on them. Infections of the scalp can be brought on by bacterial buildup.
  2. Using a wooden comb on your hair for an extended period may harm it. Overuse of any type of comb can result in breakage.
  3. The cost of a wooden comb may be significantly higher than that of a plastic comb, which is a disadvantage for many people.

Why is a plastic comb not good for hair?

Because plastic combs have static characteristics that electrify our hair, they damage it and cause split ends. The natural scalp oil cannot be adequately distributed by a plastic comb, leading to dry, damaged, and unmanageable hair. If you have long hair and use a plastic comb, the lowest part of your hair will be rough, dry, and brittle, and it will have split ends.

How to clean a wooden comb?

You can clean your wooden hair comb at home by soaking it in a solution of warm water and soap. Dip the comb for 3 to 4 minutes in this mixture. To remove the cleaning agent from the comb, use a gentle cotton cloth. You can cleanse between the bristles using an old toothbrush.

Also, you can clean the wooden comb without water by wiping it with a soft cloth dunked in any natural oil such as argan, almond, or coconut oil. To clean the comb of dirt, rub it with a towel across the surface.


Wood combs are the best type of comb for your hair. They are long-lasting and strong. You can use them every day without having to be concerned about damaging your hair. To find the best wood comb for your hair, go to the list of options above.