Breast Reconstruction Surgeon: Your Key to Regaining Confidence Post-Surgery

Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Everybody wants to look beautiful and confident. For a woman, it is evident that confidence does come with the way their body appears.

The appearance of the body is an essential thing for women. A woman may lose confidence if they have saggy breasts. Some women also go for breast reconstruction surgery after their cancer treatment.

Any woman diagnosed with breast cancer might have to rearrange their priority. Apart from going for possible treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy, women also have to undergo some surgical treatment, including mastectomy.

Cancer and Breast reconstruction

Every woman undergoing cancer treatment typically undergoes a plastic surgery consultation for breast reconstruction. The procedures related to it include:

  • Implant-based reconstruction where implants of saline or silicone are used. It has a short recovery period and is quite common among women. Sometimes complications with these implants can arise, especially for women undergoing radiation therapy for cancer treatment.
  • The natural tissue reconstruction procedure involves moving tissue from one part of the body, usually the abdomen, and using that flap of tissue to reconstruct the breast mound.

Breast reconstruction using natural tissue involves a surgery that has a longer time for recovery, and it can lead to complications.

The best part about this is that women will have natural-looking breasts with tissue that will change along with their bodies, and they will not require more surgeries—the longevity of the reconstruction encourages women to go for this kind of surgery.

Moreover, the patient will not require much revision after the surgery if it’s your tissue, so it will naturally age with you.

What are the blessings that women enjoy after going for breast reconstruction?

Some women are not much interested in going for surgery after undertaking a mastectomy. However, some women want to get back their confidence by undergoing reconstruction.

Many people think that the primary purpose of the surgery is to restore function, and they forget the other part, which is also the form. Every woman would want to have a symmetric breast after cancer surgery so that their clothes and swimsuit fit them properly.

With breast mounds, you will feel more like a woman, and they aid in healing mentally. You can only say a woman can have better mental well-being after breast reconstruction surgery.

In some cases, women can also breastfeed after the reconstruction surgery. It becomes very comforting for the mother and the child to go for reconstruction.

After cancer diagnosis therapy, it takes a lot from the patient in terms of mental and physical well-being. Cancer diagnosis leads to various emotions.

Survival is the primary concern that will haunt the minds, and that becomes a priority. Breast reconstruction takes a back burner with all the overwhelming information they receive from some patients who try to go for the surgery.

You must find the best plastic surgeon who will help you have the best results. Only an experienced surgeon can ease your mind and guide you through the right treatment plan.