How to Tame Your Anger with the Help of Apps

Do you have a short temper and need help in fixing it? Many of us could use a bit of help dealing with anger, as some people seem more prone to it than others. We can often regret the decisions we make when we are angry, but it can be hard to break the cycle.

85% of all diseases, according to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are caused by stress.

The way you feel emotionally influences how you feel physically. Anger that persists over a long period of time wrecks your health.

Angry people are less healthy and happier, live shorter lives, and die younger. Anger if not managed and prolonged can cause serious health issues, including digestion problems, anxiety, depression, skin problems, high blood pressure, increased heart attacks, and stroke risks.

The list of these causes can go on and on, so let us just stop here, and look at ways to prevent it.

If you are looking for ways to tame your inner raging bull, you can download a few apps that can help you in this regard. If you frequently find yourself drowning in negative thinking, consider seeking therapy immediately.

Before we go into further detail about these applications, make sure you have a dependable internet connection. A slow internet connection is usually one of the main reasons behind prompted anger.

That was just a joke. Anyway, if you are looking for a reliable internet connection that can help you in downloading all the amazing apps for anger management, check out Spectrum Internet.

Without any further delays, let’s have a look at some of the best apps that can you tame your anger.

Tame Your Anger with the Help of Apps


If you were to assign yourself a personal therapist, how often would you do it? Once every week? Or maybe, every day? Sometimes, therapist sessions are too expensive and do not provide lasting benefits.

You must use this application if you fall under this category. Using the Pacifica app is like having your own portable therapist. There are great tools that let you do things that even some specialists cannot do.

There are cognitive-behavioral therapies available through Pacifica, and you can rate the things you would like to track daily and even chat with other users who are using it. People can chat freely in different chat communities that you can join.

Among the features of the app are visualizations of breathing sessions and public speeches. The narrator will pose questions to you and assist you in responding to them.

Unlike therapists’ sessions, Pacifica’s free version provides huge benefits for people who want to improve their mental health without blowing out their budget.


It is such a shame that breathing is one of the most crucial actions in your life, and yet many people do not even know how to do it in the right way.

The most frequent piece of advice you’ve heard is to take deep breaths to relax. But how frequently do you contemplate it? Not a lot!

This application’s goal is to teach you basic breathing techniques that will enable you to manage your anger and anxiety under pressure. 

While you appreciate beautiful landscapes and listen to peaceful music, a pleasant female voice helps you focus and relax as you do the exercises. You can adjust the narrator’s loudness, visualize timers, and play background music with this app.


This app offers daily tips on controlling your mind through spiritual meditation. The audio in this app is calming and relaxing, which helps reduce stress and anxiety.

There is plenty of space in the Wysa app to suit every need, and it is free to download. Upgrade to the Pro edition if you want to access more features. In addition to the chatbot, the app offers specialists to answer your stress, depression, and anxiety concerns. General online therapy is great with Wysa.

7 Cups

A good e-consultation with 7 Cups will fight anxiety, depression, anger, and other issues. It offers a variety of tools and exercises for keeping your mind healthy every day, as well as support during stressful times.

A listener acts as your therapist according to the problem you choose at the start of using the application. In the first step, you will be paired with a listener, who will be ranked according to how well they assess you based on your answers, such as your competence and responsiveness.

You are not concerned about these details since 7 Cups is an anonymous service. You are welcome to openly discuss any topics with those who share your concerns on the community forum.

Wrapping Up

Anger can cause severe issues if not fixed timely like any disease. If you are one of those people, we hope you found this article helpful and have already downloaded some of these apps. If you still have questions, please comment in the comments section below. You can also add suggestions if you use any other anger management app.