Whitening Strips: How often should you use Whitening Strips?

Depending on the whitening strips you purchase, the frequency of use and application time will vary. Although the desire to expedite the process is understandable, using your teeth whitening strips only as directed is important. The main reason is that you’ll achieve better results using the recommended guidelines.

Moreover, the products you purchase will have their own level of possible results, and individual treatment lengths will vary.

Following the directions indicated on the specific product you’ve purchased is the surest way to guarantee that your treatment length is ideal for obtaining the best results.

You may compromise the results by wearing your products for longer or more frequently than directed, and you also risk experiencing teeth and gum discomfort from prolonged use.

It is also possible to experience gum inflammation, sensitivity, and dryness from excessive use of teeth-whitening products.

You might believe using over-the-counter teeth whitening strips as often as you want is okay, especially because these products are not as strong as those used by the dentist to whiten teeth.

However, this is false, and you can do more harm than good by overusing your teeth-whitening products. Continue reading to learn more about how frequently you should use whitening strips.

Follow the directions to determine how often should you use whitening strips.

Remember that:

  • Most whitening products are 10–14-day systems. While these are set up to limit the side effects of over-whitening your teeth, some people still experience adverse side effects and even chemical gum burns.
  • If you are following the package directions for how often should you use whitening strips but are using more than one product at a time, you are whitening too much.
  • In these cases, it’s better to consider healthier alternatives, such as stopping the products and going to the dentist for routine, professional whitening treatments.

Limit touch-ups to at least every 3-4 months.

  • Whether your teeth are professionally whitened or you’re using over-the-counter products, aim to limit touch-ups to every three to four months. You can also limit your touch-ups to after dental teeth cleanings.
  • While occasional touch-ups are fine, how often should you use whitening strips depends on the time you completed your last whitening kit. As a general guideline, wait at least a few months before completing another kit to avoid bleaching your teeth more than necessary.
  • Many people who are unsure of how frequently to use whitening strips have severely stained teeth. In these cases, visiting the dentist to remove the deeper layers of stain is more effective.
  • The over-the-counter whitening strip kits are meant to remove minor layers of stain per treatment, so it’s best to avoid using more than one bleaching system every few months, or you’ll risk damaging your teeth and gums.

You won’t know what your teeth can handle until you’ve reached the maintenance phase.

If you’re wondering how often should you use whitening strips, know that it also depends on the system you’re using and where you are in the process. For example, you must follow the instructions exactly the first time you lighten your teeth.

After that, you move onto maintenance, which requires minor touch-ups, and potentially more kits, after enough time has passed (at least 3-4 months if the staining is significant and longer if not).

Consider your diet and lifestyle as they pertain to touch-ups.

Until you’ve reached teeth-whitening maintenance, you won’t truly know how often should you use whitening strips; the frequency of touch-ups also depends on diet and lifestyle.

For instance, if you consume acidic foods and beverages, you may need to touch up your teeth more often, such as every 3-6 months. The frequency of usage of whitening strips depends on a variety of personal circumstances.

For instance, if you struggle with tooth sensitivity, you may want to wait longer between touch-ups, as you may be more likely to experience discomfort.

Be aware of Bleachorexia.

When you whiten your teeth too much, you can develop Bleachorexia. This condition is when people continue whitening their teeth even after completing their kits.

Whether you need clarification about how often should you use whitening strips or if you can’t fight the urge, overuse can be a serious issue that interferes with the health of your teeth.

If you’re prone to addiction, knowing how often should you use whitening strips can be tricky. In these instances, relying on your dentist may be the smartest choice.

If you choose otherwise, only use one system as directed, and wait at least five months for additional treatments.

For the best results, follow the instructions above.

Follow the directions indicated on the package of your teeth-whitening system to determine how often should you use whitening strips. Be sparing with your touch-ups and avoid overbleaching your teeth by waiting 3-6 months before starting another kit.