Cold: Ways to Defeat a Cold in 1 Day

Please note that doctors do not recommend self-medication and, at the slightest sign of deterioration, they advise you to contact specialists.

Different Ways to Defeat a Cold

1. Morning, the first day of illness

If you wake up with a reddened throat and stuffy nose, be sure to gargle to remove the buildup. Therapists advise half an hour before meals to take a solution of propolis tincture and water (1 tablespoon of infusion for 5 tablespoons of water).

Next, rinse your nose with saline. For breakfast, drink tea with lemon and a tablespoon of rosehip syrup.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, such as demazin, are among the available medications. Before leaving the house, put drops in your nose.

If the malaise caught you right at the workplace during the day, you should not wait for the evening – start treatment right away.

– First aid can be provided by ascorbic acid. But do not use pills, but powder, which penetrates the blood faster and does no harm if it is not taken on an empty stomach.

When treating, you will need 1 gram of ascorbic acid: pour it into a teaspoon, eat it, and drink it with tea, you can with lemon.

If gargling at work is not possible, an inhalation spray will come in handy, for example, based on iodine with menthol, the expert advises.

  1. The evening is the time of the most active fight against a cold. Powdered aspirin can also be used. The doctor also suggests choosing a drink based on rosehip, blackcurrant, sea buckthorn, honey, and lemon. Drink it in small sips, warm, throughout the evening.

Refuse a hot bath, with a cold, the patient needs only dry heat.

– Our goal is to minimize the number of bacteria because moisture encourages their growth. But you can make a mustard foot bath.

Dilute 2 tablespoons of dry mustard in hot water, lower your legs, and hold for 15-20 minutes, carefully add hot water from time to time.

After the procedure, vigorously rub your feet with a towel, and put on dry woolen socks, the therapist concludes.

– Before going to bed, you can chop a few cloves of garlic on a plate, and a head of onion and put it next to the bed.

– It takes a certain time to produce antibodies and eliminate the virus from the body, the duration of which also does not depend on the amount of pepper, garlic, lemon, and other “miracle foods” eaten.

Therefore, the well-known aphorism that “a cold is treated with drugs for 7 days, and without drugs for a week” remains true today, she says.

Will honey help?

It is no longer a secret to anyone that with SARS you should not drink “antiviral” and antibiotics on your own. It is better to visit a physician who will suggest a useful course of treatment.

But if there is no time at all and you don’t want to fall out of the usual rhythm of life for a long time, natural honey can be an excellent helper with a dry cough, relieve inflammation and strengthen the immune system. The main thing is to use it correctly.

The first thing to remember is that honey cannot stand high temperatures. When heated above 40 ºС, honey changes its structure, as a result, hydroxymethylfurfural is formed in it. And if you heat honey above 50 ºС, it will completely lose almost all useful properties.

Which folk methods help, and which vice versa

If having fallen ill, you dared to call your mother or grandmother and tell them about what is happening, then you are provided with an iodine net and socks with salt. Which of these will really help, and which is useless and dangerous?

Many people know that garlic can be used to prevent colds. It produces phytoncides – active substances that kill microbes. But people with gastritis and a sick stomach should be careful with garlic.

Gargling with salt and soda can alleviate well-being with infectious diseases of the throat. This solution can eliminate swelling and reduce the symptoms of tonsillitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, and other diseases.

But making an iodine mesh to relieve a cough is not worth it. Iodine has a slight warming effect, but nothing more.

And if you draw them on the throat and back, then they will easily enter the body. An excess of iodine can lead to unpleasant consequences, such as hyperthyroidism.

Inhalations of hot potatoes from cold also do not pass without a trace for the body, they are especially contraindicated for children.

During such inhalation, it is difficult to control the temperature, and too hot steam can cause burns to the nasopharyngeal mucosa and damage to the vocal cords.

But what about rubbing the body with vinegar or vodka from the temperature? When a person has a fever and not all drugs can be given, rubdowns work well.

But keep in mind that the same vinegar must be diluted before the treatment. If you start wiping yourself with essence, you will, of course, forget about the temperature, but only because you will get burnt.

Doctors do not recommend dripping a solution with honey into the nose with a runny nose, because honey is an allergen.

Why take the chance if you don’t know whether you are allergic to this product? Moreover, due to washing the nose with honey, Quincke’s edema may begin.

Raspberry jam really helps bring down the fever. Raspberries are a good aspirin, and jam can be consumed if you feel unwell. Assuming you don’t have any allergies.