Lose Weight: Does Coffee Help One to Lose Weight?

Where does your morning start? From charging? From a run? From a contrast shower? We are sure that the majority will answer that with a cup of invigorating coffee.

It is a ritual, habit, weakness, or pleasure. But if you decide to lose weight, then you start to be suspicious of foods and drinks. The question arises: can I have weight loss coffee while losing weight? Let’s figure it out.

The main thing when losing weight is not to exceed the daily calorie intake, or in other words, spend more calories than eat.

Does Coffee Help One to Lose Weight?

Can I drink coffee while losing weight?

Fans of this alluring drink “can exhale.” Coffee for weight loss is possible. Coffee reduces the feeling of hunger, and sometimes completely discourages appetite. There should be 3 full meals a day, where breakfast is fatty and high calorie, so coffee in the morning is a nice bonus to a hearty breakfast.

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

Doctors recommend drinking no more than 4 cups of coffee per day (400 mg). Do not drink at night if coffee interferes with sleep, as a sound, long sleep is a necessary condition for losing weight. Don’t go overboard with coffee. Large consumption of coffee has a bad effect on the gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system, and cardiovascular system.

How many calories are in coffee?

One cup of cappuccino has 200 ml = 140 calories while an Americano has 3 calories. Additionally, the calorie content is increased: cream, syrups, and sweet desserts.

Therefore, black coffee with a cappuccino, latte, cocoa, and hot chocolate has a high-calorie content. Therefore, not all types of coffee are low-calorie and harmless to the figure.

If you cannot imagine life without coffee, then give preference to ordinary boiled coffee without added sugar. And if you like milk, then choose milk of low-fat content.

Can coffee cause heart problems?

Caffeine is a stimulant. Caffeine accelerates the cardiovascular system, increases heart rate, and increases blood pressure. There is no evidence that coffee can cause heart problems.

Does coffee really help you lose weight?

It is naive to count on it. So far, there is no reliable data on what doses of caffeine affect weight loss. Excess weight will go away if you combine proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and be in a normal psycho-emotional state, including drinking coffee in reasonable aisles. For example, green tea is rich in antioxidants and soothes, while black tea contains polyphenols and invigorates like coffee.

Can I drink coffee before a workout?

The value for the athlete is freshly ground black coffee. Pre-workout coffee helps you get the most out of your workout and speeds up your metabolism. There is a noticeable increase in physical activity, a rise in energy, and a mood improvement.

Why is coffee with lemon so popular?

Like many dietary trends, this one has taken off on social media. Especially popular on TikTok are videos in which bloggers talk about how they managed to achieve a flat stomach with just lemon and coffee.

The result in the style of “before and after” is shown as clearly as possible. Everything else remains behind the scenes.

Of course, the wonderful life hack is served with inspiring promises: they say that coffee with lemon helps to “lose weight quickly” and/or “get your dream figure in just a week.”

However, numerous scientific studies and the accumulated experience of millions of people who want to lose weight have long proved that there is no universal remedy.

Kilograms go away when there is a calorie deficit. It can be achieved through diet or increased physical activity.

And even in this case, the centimeters at the waist do not melt quickly. Much depends on metabolism, body constitution, and health status.

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What is the basis of the belief that coffee with lemon helps to lose weight?

We have already dismantled the myth about the invaluable benefits of water with lemon. But coffee is still a completely different drink.

Proponents of drinking it for the sake of benefit and weight loss recommend brewing a regular Americano and adding a slice of lemon or a few teaspoons of juice to it.

Nothing else – no sugar, no syrups, no other sweeteners. The taste of coffee with lemon is specific, but many people like it.

However, even those enthusiasts who frown when taking the first couple of sips still drink because they believe it will help to lose weight.

The main arguments in favor of the fact that coffee with lemon reduces weight:

  • Improves digestion and accelerates metabolism. Both lemon and coffee contribute to this, but the latter to a greater extent. Caffeine invigorates and accelerates the contraction of the heart muscle, which is why the metabolic processes in the body become faster. This requires more calories.
  • Detoxification due to the diuretic properties of coffee.
  • Loaded with antioxidants. There are many of them in coffee and citrus fruits. Plus, lemon is rich in vitamin C and other trace elements.
  • For some, coffee with lemon temporarily helps to overcome sugar cravings. Still, this is a high-calorie drink that takes up space in the stomach and gives a lot of energy. But to replace coffee with a full meal, not a single nutritionist will advise. In addition, some types of coffee, on the contrary, stimulate the appetite.

But does it all sound so safe? Many doctors are inclined to believe that coffee is a bad fat burner. It is contraindicated in principle for people with hypertension or heart rhythm disorders, the rest are advised not to drink more than 2-4 cups a day, so as not to overload the heart.

In addition, large volumes of coffee increase the pressure and acidity of the stomach. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach with gastritis and similar diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is a bad idea that can turn into an exacerbation.

People with hypertension are advised to drink one cup of not-too-strong coffee, but in the morning, and in the late afternoon, in principle, give up caffeinated drinks.

Also, if you sleep poorly, are constantly stressed, or generally consider yourself an anxious person, it is better to reduce your coffee consumption for a while to see if it will have a positive effect.