How can you Predict the Height of a Baby?

Prediction of a baby’s height can never be done accurately! This is because a lot of genetic factors play important role in this regard.

If you are curious about how tall your upcoming baby will be, you have a choice of using a free height calculator.

This free tool is designed to predict the maximum height of a baby who is going to be born into a family.

In the following article, we will discuss standard formulas to predict height along with a few factors that play an important role in this regard.

How to calculate the Height of a Baby

Formulas to Predict Height:

The best child height calculator utilizes the following equations to estimate the future adult height of a child:

Mid-Parental Child Height Method:

Mid-Parental Height = (Mother’s Height + Father’s Height)/2

Girl’s Future Height = Mid-Parental Height – 2½ in (or 6.5 cm)

Boy’s Future Height = Mid-Parental Height + 2½ in (or 6.5 cm)

Khamis Roche Method:

Khamis Roche Height = Child Weight + (Mother Height + Father Height)/2

The margin of Error:
  • For boys – 2.5 inches
  • For girls – 1.7 inches

Factors Affecting Height:

Height is dependent on many factors. Among these are:


Genetics is the major factor that highly affects the child’s height. If forefathers in a family are tall, the chances are at the peak that upcoming every baby will be tall as well.

According to recent scientific research, about 700 types of genes are there that are responsible for the height of a child.

While some of these hormones affect growth plates, others affect the growth hormones of a child.

But in case the height of both parents is small or say average, the child’s height will be tall still. The height predictor is the most trusted tool in this regard. It lets you know how genetics will be affecting your upcoming child’s height.


It is a fact that boys grow taller than girls. The height of a male is a maximum of 175.2 cm. While on the other hand, a female is a maximum of 161.5 cm tall. It is pretty hard to predict what will your child’s height be.

This is why you must go by utilizing the child height calculator by calculator online site to get instant predictions that are near to accurate. The tool considers the gender of the baby and its current age to perform calculations.


No doubt this is not a key factor to predict the height, but a guess can be obtained. Children usually falling in the obese weight category are more likely to get taller. While on the other hand, those who are undernourished, stary smaller or average.


Hormonal imbalance plays a major role in the height of a child. For example, a lower level of the thyroid gland or other growth hormones can either make your child smaller or taller than expected. This is why it must be treated timely to avoid any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Increase My Child’s Height During Their Development?

The height of your child is mainly dependent on Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA). But you can take certain steps to maximize their height which include:
Focus on nutrition
Allow them to take a beauty sleep
Let them exercise on a regular basis

What Should I Do If I am Worried About My Child’s Height?

It is compulsory to visit your doctor or pediatrician in case you are extremely worried about your child’s height. 90% of the time your tension is nothing because children grow at different stages of life. What you need to do is keep checking your child’s height by using the advanced height calculator. And if in case you feel there is some disease that will affect the height of your child, start treatment as soon as possible.