Vitamins: Key Important Reason to take Vitamins

If you want to yell at people all the time, how can you show them, love, in return? We have put together a list of common over-the-counter pharmacy remedies that will effectively extinguish anger attacks, irritability, chronic fatigue, and melancholy.

Vitamin complex based on B vitamins

How it works:

The B vitamins work like a soft cushion for the nervous system. B vitamins are especially necessary for those who suffer from a lack of food and stress.

Vitamin B6 helps fight stress and anxiety and improve thought processes. Moreover, it will benefit blood pressure, whose swings are frequently brought on by stress.

The tension of the nervous system leads to a failure in the work of many functions of the body. Including problems with the skin, nails, and hair.

B vitamins are also called “beauty vitamins”: they are able to “remove” irritation and itching, a feeling of tight skin, and have a general rejuvenating effect. Almost everyone needs liquid multivitamins complexes.

How to take: courses, as prescribed by a doctor. It is better to start the course in advance if you know that work, emergency work, and stress are coming soon.

Fish fat

How it works:

No need to frown! First, fish oil has long been made in capsules, which neutralizes its taste (for those who have had it since childhood).

Secondly, fish oil is a unique, affordable, over-the-counter remedy that will turn you back from a “bunch of nerves” into a person.

Fish oil is obtained from cod, mackerel, and herring. The “magic ingredient” in it is Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The body is not able to produce them on its own, but they are vital to it: for normal metabolic processes, the work of the heart and blood vessels, immunity, and calmness of the nervous system.

In addition, fish oil is rich in zinc, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins A and D. They are our protection against stress and disorders.

How to take: daily, as a prophylactic (if there are no contraindications).


How it works:

Ask the applicants who crowd around the university building on the days of the entrance exams – every second will say that their mother gives them “glycine” for the brain and nerves.

Glycine increases mental performance and eliminates depressive disorders and irritability. The tablets also contain vitamins B1, B2, and B6.

Important: pharmacy products are not a panacea!

What will help solve the problem, not mask it?

Trying to avoid these “negative” feelings from anxiety or stress is normal. But in fact, ignoring the problem of stress can increase your anxiety.

Try to simply admit that you feel insecure. It might be as straightforward as expressing worry. This will help you become an objective observer and remember that you are not the source of stress or anxiety.

Instead, your anxiety is a passing emotion rather than a persistent condition. And this awareness will help bring immediate relief.

Various natural scents have been found to be stress-reducing, calming, and even help reduce head noise. Lavender, tea tree, coffee, citrus, and fresh flowers are a few of these.

When you need to relax, go for a bag of coffee beans, an orange, or a bouquet. You should also keep a supply of essential oils on hand.

Several studies have demonstrated the profound calming effects of spending time with animals as a stress reliever.

Make sure you give your pet adequate attention every day if you have a pet. If you don’t already have a pet, think about helping out at an animal shelter or going to see a friend who does.

It’s crucial to have a safe place where you can retreat when you’re feeling stressed so that you can re-engage with the world and yourself.

Your sanctuary should be extremely personal; it could be as simple as a cozy chair in the corner of your bedroom, a quiet area of the outdoors, or a quiet space in your home where you write in a diary, create art, or meditate.

Finding a spot where you can genuinely unwind is the aim. Feeling safe is necessary for this, so establish limits that let you fully enjoy your time in your haven, whether that entails installing a security system in your home or simply instructing your family members to stop bothering you for even a whole hour.

There is a reason that music therapy exists at all; mounting evidence suggests that listening to music helps lower blood pressure, lessen stress levels, and make us feel more at ease and content.

The main thing is to listen to those tunes that you really like. Whether it’s Mozart or Lady Gaga, don’t forget to listen to nice music every day.

Your mood will improve if you follow one of these suggestions each day. Making use of these suggestions on a regular basis will help you reduce stress and achieve mental calm.