The Easiest Way to Become More Educated and Mindful of Modern Eating Habits

The Easiest Way to Become More Educated and Mindful of Modern Eating Habits

With science and technology today, we know more about the human body and what it takes to sustain it than ever before. The old saying, “You are what you eat,” is becoming more concerned with the understanding that maybe not everything we eat is what we should eat.

“Heart and Soul” is a book that speaks to the very issues concerning the change in our diets over time, along with the influences that advertising and the major corporations that back them influence our choices.

Modern Eating Habits

Recommendations Over Time

The first food guideline appeared in the United States in 1894, long before the food pyramid. Not understanding the importance of vitamins and minerals, this diet was amended, and the guidelines for healthy eating changed.

Food was categorized into five categories by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1916: milk and meat, vegetables and fruits, cereals, and sugar or sweet foods.

With WWII, dietary recommendations were rearranged due to shortages; however, significant change only appeared 20 years later, about the same time that there was a dramatic rise in heart attacks.

It became clear that modifications to our diet were necessary for survival. With revisions in 1992 and again in 2005, our visual cue in the form of the modern-day food pyramid eventually turned into the 2011 round chart to symbolize a plate so Americans could easily understand what they should be eating.

Our Changing Foods

As our world appeared to move faster and faster, sometimes we required meals in a hurry. With life speeding ahead and more women working outside the home, the introduction of TV dinners was a hit with working moms everywhere.

Rubber chicken and pasty potatoes were the exciting new entree. Before long, burgers and fries took center stage with meals on the go in the form of fast food.

The food was quick, but was it good for us? Look for more about this topic regarding the food we eat in “Heart and Soul“.

“Heart and Soul” takes a lighthearted look into the issues today, like where our food comes from and the issues, we face today in getting food on the table.

Today, it is unlikely that anyone is plucking their chickens behind the barn, but more likely shopping for birds in their local grocery.

Where did the grocer get the poultry? Some farms offer free-range chickens; however, most poultry comes from factory setups. Factory farming comes with its own set of issues.

Cramped conditions for animals lead to health issues and antibiotics. So, we are what we eat? New evidence says yes.

Adventures In Advertising

Have you ever walked into a store to buy dish soap and left with a full cart of “stuff”? Perhaps cookies, chips, and other snacks looked so good you couldn’t leave without buying them.

The psychology of advertising is all around us, and often, we don’t consciously recognize the signs.

Manufacturers are masters of influence, and the design of packaging and displays is intentional. That could explain why the fresh broccoli isn’t quite beckoning to you like the tortilla chips.

Add to that, there are additives in our processed foods to make you want them. You have added color to visually attract you, artificial flavorings, and a good dose of sugar to entice your taste buds.

By not being aware of the pitfalls waiting for you in the grocery store, you will likely eat anything they want to sell you.

Rethinking Food

The more we are aware we are about our relationship with food, the better chance we have of making healthier choices.

It may seem like deprivation when you are removing not-so-good-you options from your diet, but consider what you replace them with very carefully.

If you are open to foods, you haven’t had yet, a vast array of foods may appeal to you once you try them.

Consider other preparation methods for foods. You might hate boiled, mushy asparagus from the can, but have you had it grilled and served while still crisp-tender?

There is something sweet and delicious about tomatoes when they are vine-ripe. Permit yourself to explore the dishes you have yet to try or were intimidated by. Do you enjoy fish? Try sushi. Beef more your style? Grilled kabobs stacked with vegetables could be for you. Healthy food can be delicious food.

Food For Thought

Did you know that mushrooms are a rich source of antioxidants and that bananas are full of potassium? When it comes to picking a diet, there are numerous delectable, organic options. Your favorite foods may be ones that you haven’t discovered yet.

The next time you shop for food, consider what you put in your cart. Read the labels on the back of the package. If you don’t recognize the ingredients, are they even food?

If these questions intrigue you, check out “Heart and Soul” for further enlightenment on your relationship with food.