9 Essential Makeup Tips for Beginners- Makeup Made Easy

Makeup is fun, but makeup is more fun when you have all the right makeup products! Every makeup artist’s dream is to learn makeup professionally with all the right products. So let’s learn and examine how to put together your makeup kit as a newbie.

It is crucial to have the proper vanity box or beauty kit since it will enable you to get the ideal, flawless makeup appearance. Therefore, we will sort you out with the greatest makeup products for novices.

Makeup Tips for Beginners


So, when looking at beginner makeup products, be sure to start with your most crucial step: cleaning! Get a decent cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type.

You might keep a different cleanser on hand that is suitable for various skin types so that you can simply apply it to someone else when you practice applying makeup. Try the Youth Preserve Vitamin C face wash from Iba.


When discussing makeup for beginners, it’s crucial to bear in mind that your skin needs to be prepared and moisturized. This keeps your skin nourished and well-hydrated while getting your skin ready for makeup.

Even if you choose a simple makeup look, your makeup will look beautiful and won’t get spotty if your skin is adequately moisturized and hydrated. Here, the Vitamin C Skin Glow Power Serum and the Must Have Insta Glow Pre-Makeup Serum are the two serums that we advise using.

The Insta Glow Pre-Makeup Serum is a great choice for beginners because this one product works both like a serum that moisturizes your skin, and it also works like a primer. This will keep all your doubts and confusion at bay about which product to apply first.


Foundation is another essential makeup tool for beginners. Your basic makeup is constructed with your foundation. Make sure your foundation cream matches your skin tone by conducting a swatch test, which is a crucial makeup tip.

If you choose a color that is too light for you, it will oxidize and turn grey after it has set. Similarly, try to pick colors that complement your skin tone rather than ones that make you look overdone and unnatural. For a flawless, natural finish, select a color that closely matches the tone of your skin.


Another fundamental makeup item for novices is concealer, which may be used to hide flaws and imperfections and draw attention to your best facial features. Concealer can also serve as the foundation for eye makeup.

This beauty advice helps in bringing out the hues in your eye makeup. Your concealer should undoubtedly be part of your eye shadow palette. Try Iba’s Must Have Concealer, which comes in two colors, if you’re seeking the best concealer that’s also simple to apply.

Compact Powder

The simplest and most user-friendly product in your makeup bag is this one. Your compact powder is an absolute necessity because it provides your makeup with a matte appearance and helps in setting it.

One beauty tip for beginners is to create your own blush by combining the compact powder with a small quantity of pink eye shadow. This will give you a vibrant flush of color and give your makeup a matte finish.


Even for novices, your blush is what gives color to your appearance, making it unquestionably a crucial makeup item. When used correctly, blush can help in emphasizing your best features.

Apply your blush solely around your cheekbones and mix it upward, for instance, if you want a more formed and crisp appearance. Applying blush around your lower cheek and blending it in a circular manner can make your cheeks appear larger.

You can choose from 5 amazing colors of Iba’s Must Have Lip & Cheek Tint. All five of these can be included in your list of cosmetics kit necessities.

If you want a simple makeup look for your everyday workwear then just apply your blush, tame your brows, and apply a nude glossy lipstick and you are done!


A kajal is a product that works for everyone and transforms your complete makeup look, thus it must be included in a makeup kit for beginners.

Your kajal can be smudged for a quick smokey eye look, used as eyeliner, or to define your waterline. Make sure you have at least two extra kajal pencils in your makeup collection when it comes to the fundamentals of makeup for beginners.


Your makeup kit must contain eyeliner because it completes the look of your eyes. As a beginner, be careful to experiment and perfect your eyeliner techniques. Applying eyeliner to yourself versus someone else is a whole different process.

So, put in as much practice as you can. Iba’s No Mistake Eyeliner Pen is a fantastic option for a newbie. The application is incredibly simple thanks to the felt tip and how comfortable it is to grip.


Lipstick is the final important part of your beauty kit. Beginner or professional, there are a few must-have lipstick shades that you must own.

Make sure you have a variety of nude glossy lipstick shades with different undertones, a few reds, definitely a few browns, and a bunch of pinks.

You may change your lipstick’s properties much beyond just your lip color. Lipstick can be used as a color corrector as well as a blush, a contour, a base for eye shadow, and more.

Make sure your makeup bag contains each and every type and shade of lipstick. includes variations including liquid matte lipsticks, moisture lipsticks, matte lipsticks, long stay lipsticks, and ultra matte lipsticks.