How to Сhoose a Nail Polish color for an event, clothes, combinations with other colors

The color of the manicure coating can be combined with the color of the dress or skin tone, can be selected for an event or time of the year, choose several different shades for the design. We’ll talk about all this today.

How to Сhoose a Nail Polish Color

Skin tones

The easiest way not to miss the choice of the color of the nail coating is to focus on the skin tone.

For medium-toned skin, not pale, not red, without a sandy tint, varnishes of all colors are suitable.

Pink, blue, and yellow nails are contraindicated for the reddish skin of the hands. Use coffee with milk, lilac, purple, brown, and red palettes.

Light, pale hands with noticeable bluish veins. Beige is contraindicated, which will turn yellow on such a background. If you need to choose nude, then pay attention to pink, powdery, and peach tones. Blue and gray will be perfect.

For tanned skin, choose gold and bronze, turquoise, emerald, coral, cherry, khaki, and dark greens. It is recommended to avoid cold shades and neon.

Everything that looks good in makeup fits your hands – it’s worth remembering your lipsticks, and powders.

Clothing color

Pastel and monochrome are suitable for any clothing, they are almost always appropriate – on vacation, at work, at an interview, or at an educational institution. It’s convenient, but they gradually become boring, look monotonous, and get bored.

You can choose a manicure strictly under the dress, it looks beautiful, but it isn’t easy to get into one tone. Still, something will appear brighter and stick out against the background.

Under the blue dress. White, gold or yellow, red, and azure shade. You can make friends with monochrome gray, and black colors.

The green dress goes with coral, orange, yellow, blue, and pink varnishes. If a bright combination is not appropriate, then pay attention to wet asphalt, graphite, and gray haze.

To the red dress. A win–win option is gold. It can be combined with scarlet, black, and white. If the shine of gold is not appropriate, then brown, pink, burgundy, and berry options. Lilac may be suitable, but only in soft, muted tones.

Almost all Kiara Sky colors look good with a black dress.

In addition to clothes, it is important to combine marigolds with jewelry. You should not paint them with gold sequins if you plan to wear rings and chains made of silver.

It is also recommended to pay attention to inserts made of stones, jewelry, enamel, and glass, which attract attention to themselves.


It’s critical to take the occasion into consideration in addition to the clothing’s compatibility.

A party at the club, a fun meeting with friends, night walks around the city. A great reason to add a little sparkle. You can choose shimmer coatings, and use small or large sequins.

It is not necessary to paint all the nails, sometimes an accent on 1-2 fingers of each hand is enough. If there is no time, then you can apply a gold varnish over any other coating.

Interviews, exams, official events, business meetings, and negotiations. It is worth choosing the basic options: beige, peach, and delicate rose.

A classic French jacket with a transparent bed and a white tip are perfect. Sometimes monochrome is appropriate.

New Year, Christmas, and other holidays. Coatings with shimmery glitter of festive shades are welcome: red, deep blue, rich spruce, shiny snow, or icy blue.

Special events, dinner parties. Dark nails of noble shades will help to add charm, sophistication, and style to the image: wine or marsala, eggplant, Bordeaux, deep green, and petrol.

Matte and velvet coverings that always look stylish will be appropriate. If it is difficult to make a choice, then you can think about an elegant black manicure.

The all-season options include varnishes in beige, pink, gray, and black shades. They go well in different clothes, as well as with each other. If necessary, you can easily make bright accents with stickers, rhinestones, and drawings on such bases.

Features of choosing the time of year:

Winter: We pay attention to purple, silver, cherry, and gray shades. A noble blue, the burgundy varnish will be appropriate.

Autumn: We choose deep natural colors of golden or withered foliage, terracotta, azure, and the night sky. Brown, orange, berry, and wine varnishes will be appropriate.

Spring: It’s time for a bright rainbow. All variants of greenery, yellow flowers, and coral are especially appropriate. They can be safely diluted with white, beige lacquers.

Summer: The time is pink, orange, green, blue, yellow, and other pastel shades are allowed. In summer, you can actively use stickers, and drawings on your hands, and in a pedicure.