The Typical Hand and Nail Problems Faced in the 20s, 30s, and 40s

What is the first thing you consider when someone asks about aging signs? Like any other, you will imagine grey hair and face wrinkles. Surprisingly, the effects of old age tend to be more visible on your hand and nail problems.

Continuous exposure to heat, cold, sun rays, chemicals, and other harsh conditions damages moisture, texture, and overall fitness. The only way to prevent or minimize their impact on this body part is by following a proper skincare routine with good-quality soaps and moisturizers. 

Do you wonder about the best age to plan around it? Skincare experts say the foundation should be laid from the early years, but the 20s and 30s can be the critical phases. 

Typical Hand and Nail Problems

  • Hand and nail problems in the 20s

You are young, vibrant, and energetic. Additionally, this is the ideal moment to consider your skin in the long run. Since marks of aging start appearing on your hands, providing enough care at this stage becomes crucial. Highly rated treatment for aging hands includes washing and moisturizing.

An anti-aging cream can protect your nails and hands from dryness and splitting. If you have a moisturizing soap also, it will be great, particularly for your brittle nails. Otherwise, many unavoidable elements can tarnish the skin’s and nails’ flawlessness.

  • Hand and nail problems in the 30s

Women usually plan their pregnancy around their thirties, per the CDC data. Child birthing affects skin elasticity to a great degree due to swelling in the joints and hormone fluctuations. Simultaneously, nails can become thin because of natural aging.

In medical terms, this specific condition is called brittle nail syndrome or onychorrhexis. Anyone suffering from this disorder can face problems like the development of vertical ridges and split ends. How do you tackle this? Moisturizing cream can be an ideal solution here.

Get good creams with nourishing oils and butter to massage your nails and hands. Regular application will fight dryness while maintaining healthy pH levels. Generally, coconut oil and shea butter combination works best.

  • Hand and nail problems in the 40s

Women enjoy acrylic and gel manicures in their 20s a lot. However, things change as you close into your 40s. The same grooming practice can hurt the nail bed because of its growing fragility. Those who had plenty of sun exposure can see age spots and freckles appearing on their hands.

Even veins can show up on the back caused by less collagen production. You can use a broad-spectrum sun protection cream to counter this problem. Something made for fighting UVB and UVA rays can be beneficial.

You already care for your face with a mask, cleanser, wash, lotion, cream, and serum. Please show the same love to your hands and nails, which are the early victims of aging. While the signs manifest in the 30s or 40s, the effects can occur from your 20s without an adequate skincare routine.

Nowadays, some beauty companies offer excellent skincare products for hands and nails. You can check them. Any site with high ratings and reviews can be trustworthy. You can see what people think of their items and incorporate them into your daily regimen to soothe your skin condition.