Here's Exactly How to Shave Pubic Hair Safely If You Have a Vagina

You're not the only one who wonders how to properly remove pubic hair. When it relates to the hair down there, there is a lot of interest out there.

You're dealing with a delicate area when shaving bikini hair, so you should absolutely keep a few precautions in mind.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to shave pubic hair from beginning to end so that you can do so securely and properly.


Trim Your Pubic Hair

It is simpler to shave your pubic area after trimming off any extra hair.


Exfoliate the Skin

By exfoliating, you can get rid of any dead skin and shave the hair as close to the root as you can.


Apply Shaving Cream

To the parts you want to shave, generously use shaving cream.



To prevent irritating the cuticle, keep the skin firm and razor in the direction of your hair growth.


Rinse Away the Cream

Gently dry yourself after rinsing off any remaining shaving cream with lukewarm water.



After finishing your shave and washing off any remaining foam, moisturize with a fragrance-free moisturizer.

Ingrown hairs lead to swelling and pimples. Ingrown hairs can be very prevalent after shaving off your pubic hair because this is more likely with rougher, curlier hair.