Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Copper Hair Color

Copper Hair Color

Are you someone who sniffs out a sprinkling trend and starts drooling over it? Well, you are spoilt for choices, thanks to the never-ending copper hair vogue with varied shades. Ranging from balayage, blonde, and ginger to fiery copper, all look glorious when you walk out of the salon and flaunt.

But copper queens like you are often intimidated by the high maintenance of hues. Preserving the vibrancy and health of your copper hair color requires some special care.

Read on to unlock expert tips and grasp everything you need to know about the upkeep of your colored tresses. Don’t fret and look gorgeous every day with that trendy style and strategic upkeep.

Tips for Maintaining Copper Hair Color

Why does a copper hair color fade so soon?

Despite initial salon brilliance, copper tones are subject to fading over time. Having larger molecules, copper hair color functions a bit differently. Unlike other tones, it is unable to deeply penetrate the hair cortex.

Thus, it requires frequent and substantial care to remain gorgeous for a longer time. Being one of the warm shades, it is prone to fading, brassiness, and excessive damage, when not taken care of properly. Discover how to keep your copper hair salon fresh and bid farewell to fast-fading or transitioning hues.

Prep like a pro

Pre-treating your hair before coloring is crucial to ensure optimal results and long-lasting color vibrancy. Prepare the hair cuticles to receive the color molecules effectively.

You can use a pre-color treatment or clarifying shampoo to remove any build-up, residue, or impurities on the hair shaft, allowing the color to penetrate evenly. Moreover, deep conditioning treatments can help strengthen and nourish the hair, creating a healthy base for the color application.

Cut down on wash days

Regular washing might deplete your hair’s natural oils and hasten the fading of the copper hue. By utilizing dry shampoos to remove extra oil and revive your hair in between wash days, try to stretch out the intervals between washes.

When washing your hair, use lukewarm water and concentrate most of the shampoo on your roots. Avoid excessive scrubbing and agitation of the hair during washing to preserve the integrity of the color and keep your copper hair color looking glossy. Plus, you can use a water filter to avoid stripping of the color caused by hard water.

Choose color-safe hair care products

To keep your colored locks looking vibrant and healthy, use hair care products designed especially for color-treated hair. Seek for conditioners and shampoos without sulfates that will nurture and shield your hair from breaking off.

Refresh your color between salon visits by using products containing UV filters, shielding against external aggressors. A wholesome choice can help you moisturize the dry, coarse strands, making them less susceptible to damage.

Protect your hair from heat

It’s vital to shield your mane from excessive heat styling which can lead to dullness. When drying, try air drying or using the lowest heat setting on your styling appliances. Choose a premium heat-protectant spray to keep your hair protected from harm.

Choose heat-free styling options like braiding or twisting to minimize heat exposure while still getting the desired look. By prioritizing heat protection, you can preserve the radiance and luster of your copper hair color.

Revitalize your hues with color-depositing products

Color-depositing products are a game-changer for maintaining the beauty of your copper hair between salon visits. These specially formulated shampoos, conditioners, and masks work wonders, refreshing and enhancing your copper crown.

Choose products containing pigments that complement your copper hue and combat fading, adding an extra layer of shine. With regular use, you can effortlessly extend the life of your permanent or semi-permanent hair color.

Keep up with regrowth

No matter how hard you try, you cannot potentially stop regrowth. For most hair colors, it may blend in naturally. However, the contrast between copper and natural hair color is more pronounced, making the regrowth noticeable. Book your salon appointments timely and invest in root regrowth touch-ups. It helps camouflage the grown-out roots, giving an overall polished look.

Prolong the vibrancy of your copper hair color and keep it looking fresh for longer with a little attention. With the right care and maintenance, keep the color intact and steal the spotlight wherever you go.