9 Best Organic Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles in India 2023

9 Best Organic Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles in India

Dark circles around the eyes are a common problem for women. These dark circles occur because the blood vessels underneath the skin become dilated. This leads the skin to look darker and puffier.

Under-eye treatments are essential in our daily skincare routine as they are more prone to aging, turning into puffy, dark circles. So, an under-eye cream is a beautiful addition to your everyday beauty regime.

You must begin using an organic eye cream if you want to get rid of these dark circles. These creams contain natural and safe ingredients. They also include anti-inflammatory antioxidants that fight free radicals.

Are you trying to find the best natural under-eye cream to help with dark circles? If the answer is yes, you’ve found the correct place.

This article will provide my top picks for the best organic under-eye creams for dark circles.

What Causes Dark Circles?

There are many causes of dark circles. Dehydration, lack of sleep, poor diet, heredity, sun exposure, stress, and aging are the most common causes.

Other common causes include allergies, hormonal imbalances, and even certain medications.

Regardless of the source, dark circles are typically nothing to be concerned about. They only indicate that your body needs to be hydrated.

Our eyes have extremely delicate and thin skin. This makes it prone to harm from environmental factors, including stress, pollution, and sun exposure.

Therefore, our skin loses its suppleness and gets thinner. This results in fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.

Here is a little advice to help you get rid of those pesky black circles.

– Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

– Sleep well at night.

– Get enough rest.

– Eat healthy foods.

Dark circles are caused by a lack of blood flow to the skin. This can happen due to dehydration, poor circulation, or even stress. It’s time to hydrate if your dark circles are growing worse!

9 Best Organic Under Eye Cream in India 2023

Product NameCheck Price
1. Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Natural Under Eye Cream Gel Price
2. TNW-THE NATURAL WASH Under Eye Cream Gel Price
3. The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich under Eye CreamPrice
4. Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark CirclesPrice
5. mCaffeine Coffee Under Eye CreamPrice
6. UrbanBotanics® Under Eye Cream GelPrice
7. Pilgrim Red Vine, Retinol & Vitamin C under Eye CreamPrice
8. SoulTree Under Eye GelPrice
9. TAC – The Ayurveda Co. Retinol Under Eye CreamPrice
Best Organic Under Eye Cream in India

Top 9 Chemical-free Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles in India

1. Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Hydrating Natural Under Eye Cream Gel 

Bella Vita Organic Under Eye Gel is an Ayurvedic formula that makes it simple to hydrate and protect because it contains only natural components like Aloe Vera, Cucumber, and Vitamin E.

Cucumber’s high water and vitamin K content helps relieve and de-puff the eyes. It is the best natural under-eye cream for dark circles in India.

Vitamin E improves skin texture, moisturizes the face without irritating it, and helps shield the delicate skin under your eyes from UV rays.

Eyelift has a thin gel-like texture and a lightweight formulation. It is an organic eye cream that is lightweight and non-greasy after usage.

Price: INR 325 for 20 gm

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Key Ingredients: Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E

Form & Texture: Light-weight gel

  • Paraben and sulfate-free
  • Reduces dark circles & puffiness
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Gentle and cool to the skin
  • Light-weight texture
  • Non-sticky
  • None

2. TNW-THE NATURAL WASH Under Eye Cream Gel Roll-On

The Natural Wash under Eye Cream is a potent blend of herbs, plants, and fruits that battle puffy eyes and dark circles.

This organic dark circle cream contains natural components such as potato, papaya, and almond. It lowers dark circles and puffiness beneath your eyes by providing deep moisture and hydration to the area.

Additionally, it lessens small wrinkles around the eyes. Vitamin E illuminates the skin under the eyes and boosts collagen synthesis.

This cream is an anti-wrinkle eye cream for dark circles and fine lines.

Men and women with various skin types can use TNW under Eye Cream since it is as lightweight as an under-eye gel.

As a result, TNW-The Natural Wash has created one of the best under-eye creams to keep your skin in good condition.

Price: INR 560 for 15 ml

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Key Ingredients: Potato, Almond, and Papaya

Form & Texture: Cream

  • Natural cream
  • Hydrates the skin
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Free from paraben and sulfate
  • Refreshes the under-eye skin
  • Cruelty-free
  • It comes with a roller eye massager
  • It helps lighten dark circles
  • May irritate sensitive skin

3. The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich under Eye Cream

The Moms co. Natural under-eye cream contains Coffee Oil, Chia Seed Oil, and Vitamins E and B3. Organic chamomile oil reduces puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles while calming the under-eye area.

The under-eye area is richly hydrated and has moisture loss restored thanks to hyaluronic acid and chia seed oil.

Chia Seed Oil’s omega-3 content replenishes skin moisture and works with vitamin E to lighten under-eye circles.

The formula is packaged in a roller-top bottle that has a cooling effect. This lessens swelling and depuffs the under-eye area.

Once the cream is extracted from the pump, use the cooling roller to massage the under-eye area. To apply extra cream, smooth with your fingertips.

Read a detailed review of The Moms co. Natural under-eye cream

Price: INR 474 for 15 gm

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Key Ingredients: Coffee oil, Chia seed oil, Niacinamide, Chamomile Oil

Form & Texture: Thick Creamy

  • Australia-Certified Toxin-Free and Made Safe
  • Sulphate-Free & SLS/SLES Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • It contains natural but effective preservatives
  • Hydrating formulation
  • Under area feels rejuvenated
  • Easy to apply
  • Good packaging
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Nothing significant

4. Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark Circles

The Mamaearth under-eye cream contains peptides that reduce undesirable eye region issues such as under-eye bags, swelling, dark circles, etc.

Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark Circles Eye Cream’s abundance of natural ingredients can help you rejuvenate your eyes.

Cucumber soothes under-eye skin and lightens dark circles. It is known for its cooling and skin-whitening properties.

The appearance of dark circles is significantly reduced by hawkweed extract, peptides, and daisy flower extract, significantly reducing melanin deposition in the skin.

This cream comes in a beautiful tube with a small nozzle that makes the application simple. All things considered, Mamaearth Eye Cream is one of the best under-eye creams that work to lighten dark circles and rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.

Read a detailed review of Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark Circles Cream

Price: INR 399 for 20ml

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Key Ingredients: Cucumber Extract, Daisy Flower Extract, Peptides, Hawkweed Extract

Form & Texture: Light Creamy consistency

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Cruelty-free
  • It gives a cooling sensation
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Free of any toxic additives
  • Made with rich ingredients
  • Feels quite soothing
  • Clinically tested and hypoallergenic
  • Quickly absorbs into the skin
  • It can irritate your eyes if in case gets in touch with it.

5. mCaffeine Coffee Under Eye Cream

mCaffeine is India’s first caffeinated beauty care company dedicated to making you addicted to the benefits of coffee-infused self-care.

The Coffee Under the Eye Cream’s caffeine-rich coffee reduces the appearance of dark circles. This lotion moisturizes since it is rich in hyaluronic acid.

The Coffee under eye cream includes a steel eye-roller that cools, stimulates circulation, and helps product absorption.

The Under Eye Cream has no added fragrance; it only has a natural scent. White water lily and coffee are found mainly in coffee under eye cream, which helps reduce dark circles.

Price: INR 575 for 30 ml

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Key Ingredients: Caffeine, Coffee, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, White water lily

Form & Texture: Creamy

  • Vegan
  • PETA Certified
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Cruelty-free
  • Free from SLS, Paraben, Mineral Oil
  • Hydrates the under-eye area
  • It comes with eye-roller
  • Soothing effect
  • Pleasant aroma
  • There can be a burning feeling for the initial few seconds after application.

6. UrbanBotanics® Under Eye Cream Gel

The primary ingredients in UrbanBotanics Under Eye Gel include Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Tomato, Quinoa, Arnica Montana Flower, and Grape Fruit extract.

These powerful ingredients fortify and revitalize your skin. This organic under-eye gel also lessens the look of puffiness, dark circles, and under-eye bags while helping in the smoothing out of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is a light eye gel that works wonders to open up and relax your eyes. This lightweight gel formulation applies easily and instantly feels refreshing and soothing.

Price: INR 599 for 50 gm

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Key Ingredients: Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Extracts of Tomato, Grape Fruit, Arnica Montana Flower, Quinoa

Form & Texture: Gel-based

  • Free from harmful chemicals and parabens
  • Lightweight gel formula
  • Gets absorbed quickly
  • Improves skin tone
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Cool and refreshing feel
  • Moisturizing
  • A bit strong fragrance

7. Pilgrim Red Vine, Retinol & Vitamin C under Eye Cream

Pilgrim under eye cream is made with the purest ingredients, including the red vine, retinol, and vitamin C. It lessens under-eye puffiness and reduces dark circles.

Red Vine extract accelerates cellular turnover and stimulates collagen formation. As a result, it delays the thinning of the skin with age and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Being a great exfoliant, it helps to reduce wrinkles by preventing the buildup of dead skin cells. Vitamin C brightens to remove under-eye darkness for a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Red Vine helps in decreasing dehydration and puffiness. Safflower oil hydrates, calms, and softens skin. The area around the eyes seems more vibrant and youthful.

Price: INR 450 for 30 gm

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Key Ingredients: Red Vine, Retinol & Vitamin C

Form & Texture: Creamy

  • FDA approved
  • Free from Paraben, Sulphate, Mineral Oils
  • Brightens the skin
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Fights under-eye darkness
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • It may not suit sensitive eyes
  • Strong fragrance

8. SoulTree Under Eye Gel

SoulTree under-eye gel is a gentle moisturizing under-eye solution that reduces dark circles and fine wrinkles. It is made with the goodness of caffeine, green tea, and pomegranate.

While Almond oil decreases puffiness and hydrates the skin, Pomegranate lightens dark circles under the eyes, increases moisture, and firms the skin.

Caffeine and organic honey brighten the skin’s tone and diminish wrinkles’ appearance.

Antioxidants found in green tea leaves protect against environmental pollutants and enhance blood flow.

Price: INR 1195 for 40 ml

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Key Ingredients: Pomegranate, caffeine, and green tea

Form & Texture: Gel

  • Vegan
  • Ayurvedic formulation
  • Not tested on animals
  • Reduces under-eye dark circles
  • Firms the skin & reduces fine lines
  • Free from Phthalates, Fragrance, Petrolatum
  • Keeps the under-eye area hydrated
  • It does not contain Parabens, Mineral Oil, Silicones
  • Little sticky

9. TAC – The Ayurveda Co. Retinol Under Eye Cream

TAC’s Under Eye Gel Creme is loaded with collagen and potato starch benefits. It is lightweight and gentle on the area around the eyes.

It contains skin-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid serum as well as Argan Oil. This cream is one of the best under-eye creams for removing dark circles and puffiness.

This non-greasy under-eye gel for men and women immediately enters the skin to restore it, leaving it soft, elastic, and radiant. Because of its lightweight, fragrance-free formulation, it can be used on all skin types.

Price: INR 595 for 30 gm

Buy it at a discounted price Here.

Key Ingredients: Potato Extract, Babchi Oil, Banana Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol

Form & Texture: Gel

  • Chemical-free
  • Natural formula
  • Fragrance-free formula
  • Hydrates the area around the eyes
  • Reduces eye bags
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin
  • It may give quite a burning sensation on application and itching after that

How to use under-eye cream for dark circles?

  • You have to take the cream on your hand and then use it on the under-eye, but before that, make sure that the hand is clean, then take the cream between your fingers, and then gently apply it around your eyes.
  • While applying under-eye cream, it is important to massage it gently.
  • Apply only a small bit of under-eye cream; using more is not necessary.
  • To avoid getting cream in your eyes, be careful.
  • It is advised to select an eye cream that is suited for your skin type.
  • Apply cream under your eyes at night before going to bed. This helps reduce dark circles and puffiness.
  • Continue using the product until you notice improvement.
  • After using the cream, promptly wash your hands.
  • Apply moisturizer to dry skin before using eye cream.
Some common mistakes that people tend to make while applying under-eye cream:

According to dermatologists, the first mistake is to use too much product. This can cause the product to migrate into other areas of the face.

Additional mistakes include not using an eye cream, using a retinoid product, using the cream too close to the eye, and using harsh peels and scrubs.

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive, so it is important that you choose one that is moisturizing, non-comedogenic, and fragrance-free to prevent negative reactions.

Also, avoid rubbing your eyes. Rubbing might cause further irritation and injury.


The best 9 under-eye creams in India 2023 are shown above. We hope that our ranking of the best under-eye creams has made it easier for you to choose. We carefully chose the top under-eye cream in India after completing product research and in-depth comparisons of all of them. Clicking the link in this post will take you to Amazon, where you may find the best under-eye cream.

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