13 Best Neem Wood Comb in India

Neem is known to have antibacterial and anti-allergen properties. The Neem wood comb is multi-useful and has different advantages for our well-being and our surroundings, a fact that has been scientifically proven.

Neem combs give to our hair, mainly diminishing hair fall, and eliminating dandruff. Whether it’s long silky or thick hair or a male’s grizzled ‘bare’ beard, the neem comb advances a moderate and normal way of life and uses a separate item for different purposes.

Why Neem wood comb?

There is a sebaceous gland all over the scalp that produces oil to lubricate and moisturize our scalp and hair. The sebaceous gland is present all over our body. Like our skin has natural oil because there Is a sebaceous gland on the skin.

So, the scalp has natural oil to give moisture to the hair. But when you use a plastic comb, it couldn’t distribute the natural oil of the scalp all over the hair evenly, which causes dry damaged, and rough hair and also causes a lot of split ends.

If you have long hair and use a plastic comb, then the lower part of your hair would be dry, rough, and damaged, and there would be split ends.

The plastic comb has static properties that electrify our hair and causes damage, split ends, and hair loss. Extreme hair fall drives to bald spots and sometimes becomes a space on the temples and seems bigger. There are many ways to make the forehead appear smaller.

But when you use a wooden comb, it distributes the scalp’s natural oil throughout each hair strand, which makes hair healthy and shiny. It massages the scalp gently and promotes healthy hair.

Especially, neem comb fights dandruff and dry flakes problems, and scalp infections since neem have anti-fungal properties.

Benefits of Neem Wood Comb

  • Gentle on your hair and scalp
  • Friendly on your scalp
  • 100% natural and eco-friendly
  • Not static
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Prevents the growth of fungi and microbes
  • Removes Foreign Particles and Dirt from Hair
  • May give relief to an itchy scalp
  • Naturally nourishes hair
  • Promotes healthy scalp and hair
  • Healthy scalp (boosts blood circulation)
  • Help reduce dandruff and itchy scalp
  • Wood combs have great durability
  • Prevents tangles and breakage from static
  • Suitable for all types of hair

13 Best Neem Wood Comb in India

Here you can find some best neem wood combs India which are listed below. All detailed neem wood comb reviews are mentioned so that you can quickly get the perfect comb for your hair. And also, you can easily buy neem wood comb online in India.

1. Herb Essential Handcrafted Neem Wood Comb

Herb essential neem comb is made from wild-grown neem wood called Azadirachta Indica. These combs are explicitly planned so the focuses are not very sharp, and you can get a unique refreshing impact as the comb points slide over your scalp.

Regular use of a wooden hair comb assists you with looking after smooth, polished, bouncy, and frizz-free hair. They have many different size combs and many different variants also.

Price: Rs. 280

Purchase Here.

Herb Essential Neem Wood Comb manufacturer: Jain Lifesciences Pvt Ltd

  • Handcrafted
  • Eco-friendly and Non-Toxic
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Not harsh on your hair
  • It’s all-natural and safe
  • There is no return policy

2. Oriental Botanics Neem Wood Comb

This handcrafted neem wood comb assists with disseminating oil from the scalp to the hair with each stroke. It upgrades blood flow at the scalp which stimulates hair growth.

This comb is durable and didn’t have sharp finishes, and has a smooth surface. It has smooth edges that coast effectively over your scalp without any struggling or tugging.

Oriental wood comb forestalls electrostatically charged hairs and effectively detangles long hair.

This handcrafted neem wood hair comb from Oriental Botanics truly helps in managing scalp issues and dandruff. It doesn’t hurt our scalp and is simple to utilize, which ultimately forestalls hair fall.

The sustaining properties of the neem retain the scalp strong and the scalp clean. The most beneficial thing about this brush is that you don’t see your hair tangled in it. It implies hair fall has been controlled, and this brush doesn’t cause hair harm.

Price: Rs. 225

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Oriental Botanics Neem Wood Comb manufacturer: Amwoodo Eco-Products Pvt. Ltd

  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic product
  • keeps hair healthy and scalp hygienic
  • Very thick and sturdy
  • Smells very pleasant
  • Helps in detangling hair simply using a wide-tooth comb
  • keep the scalp healthful and reduce hair fall due to Neem properties 
  • Helps in diminishing dandruff and annoying scalp issues
  • No Returns Allowed – This item is non-returnable. 

3. Bodyherbals Dressing Comb, Double Tooth, 100% Neem Wood

BodyHerbals Dressing Comb is produced with real, 100% Neem wood. The natural mode of neem is used to make these awesome combs that treat all hair problems.

These neem combs are handmade with the goal that the focuses are not very sharp. It gives a magnificent animating impact as the look around’s teeth coasts your scalp. 

This Handmade neem comb design in a gift box comes in a sturdy box that prevents damage. Dual teeth simply detangle hair, developing a healthy scalp and hair growth. Handcrafted dual-tooth comb offers soft incitement on the scalp.

This Blunt tooth comb provides a natural healing effect with each stroke and helps reduce scalp disorders and dandruff.

Price: MRP 325

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Bodyherbals Dressing Comb neem comb manufacturer: Pure Earth Enterprises

  • Non-Static easy to detangle
  • Smooth teeth for all cuticles
  • Environment friendly
  • Great packaging
  • Does not feel rough on the hair
  • Suitable for both Men/Women
  • A bit costly

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neem wooden comb

4. Bare Essentials Neem Wood Comb

The bare essential comb is formulated with 100% herbal neem wood. This Handmade wood comb is significantly easier to comb your hair. Its Wide teeth detangle hair with ease and control hair fall and dandruff. It works great for all types of hair.

 It has such a pleasant, natural woody smell. It can be easily put in a purse. Unlike regular plastic combs, it feels gentle and pleasant on the scalp.

Bare essentials neem comb help improve the blood movement to the scalp and help give oil from the scalp to the hair.


MRP: Rs.150 for the Large variant

MRP: Rs.99 for the Small variant

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Bare Essentials Neem Wood Comb manufacturer: KEYA COMB INDUSTRIES

  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Blunt teeth and no static charge
  • Easy to clean hair
  • Very convenient to comb
  • Not suitable for very thick and long hair
  • It is not a detangler. First, detangle hair and then comb it.

5. Bode Handmade Natural Pure Healthy Neem Wooden Comb

Bode hand-curved comb is made of best-quality wood, so it doesn’t deliver any electricity produced via friction, subsequently preventing hair loss because of attraction.

This wooden brush kneads the scalp while brushing the hair profoundly and helps clear the outside of dead skin, dust, and dandruff.

It likewise assists the sebaceous glands in delivering their emissions and animates their regular activity. The utilization of a fine, great brush made of natural material is advantageous. Its smooth teeth make it ideal for massaging the scalp.

Price: Rs. 189

Purchase Here.

Bode Handmade Neem Wooden Comb manufacturer: BODE

  • Pure Neem Wood
  • They are non-toxic
  • Smoothened tips and edges
  • Handcrafted and eco friendly
  • Anti-Static
  • Not harsh on your hair
  • Prevent frizzing and breaking of hair due to static (like plastic combs)
  • Combs is pretty strong
  • The fragrance is too good
  • Not Returnable

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best neem wood comb in india

6. Majik neem wood comb

This comb is made from a wonder plant wood that is identified for its healing properties. It furnishes a natural healing impact with every stroke and diminishes dandruff and Hair fall issues.

They have various shapes like a wide-tooth comb, handle comb, tail comb, and double-sided comb. The edges of the comb are exceptionally smooth, making it extremely simple to brush the hair with no pulling and tugging.

It is designed from fine-grade bamboo – no arrogant-smelling wood. The fragrance is exceptionally natural and alleviating, and appropriate for all types of hair. Even though Neem’s aroma was temporary but it helps in relieving the hair fall issue.

Price: Rs. 188

Purchase Here.

Majik neem wood comb manufacturer: Madaan Enterprises

  • Earth-friendly and Hair-friendly
  • Teeth- luxury grade finish
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • This leads to a Healthy Scalp
  • Doesn’t hurt the sensitive scalp
  • Detangle hair and make it less frizzy as the friction is less.
  • Suitable for women and men
  • The finishing and the quality are extremely good
  • The teeth are somewhat thick, so you can experience difficulty in combing to the desired style.
  • It has no return policy

7. UCS Neem Wood Comb

This uncommon stuff comb comprises 100% Herbal Neem Wood that controls hair fall and fends dandruff off. This brush battles hair-related issues naturally.

It is a natural, non-obtrusive, and herbal method of keeping your hair healthy. UCS Wood Combs are delightfully handcrafted.

UCS Neem Wood Comb is a natural hair styling tool that enhances the greatness of your hair controls thinning hair and may advance hair regrowth.

The ‘ORIGINAL’ Neem Wood Combs massages your scalp and hair and forestalls static hair. This great wooden brush lessens breakage, harm, and going bald.

It works very smoothly on the hair. The set has one regular basic comb and 1 UCS detangling hair comb with a handle.

Price: Rs. 499 for a set of 2 combs

Purchase Here.

UCS Neem Wood Comb manufacturer: Indianomy.com, Inc.

  • Control hair loss and dandruff
  • Give relief to itchy scalp
  • Handcrafted
  • They are non-toxic
  • Not harsh on your hair.
  • It may trigger hair growth
  • It can help regrow your lost hair
  • Not Returnable
neem wooden comb

8. The Man Company Neem Wood Comb

TMC Neem Wood Comb offers two sorts of teeth that effectively set the hair strands productively without causing hair breakage or harm. The fine teeth side ought to just be used in the wake of using the medium fat teeth.

The man company neem wood hair comb is produced using neem wood known as Azadirachta indica known to reinforce the hair follicles. Likewise, since it is wide-toothed, it doesn’t pull or break the hair.

It has a static-free design that glides effortlessly through wet hair and effectively works to detangle wet and thick hair.

Price: Rs. 150

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TMC neem wood comb manufacturer: Tora Creations

  • Smells very natural and delighting
  • Size little bigger than expected
  • Comes with a wooden box
  • Made with Neem Wood
  • For all Hair Types
  • For Regular Use
  • Prevents Bacterial Infections
  • Increases Blood Circulation 
  • The box is not proper as it was too long or extensive for comb size which makes it uneasy to carry and doesn’t close properly.
  • The rough point ends, but that becomes smoother with use.

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9. Ancient Living Neem Wood Comb

Ancient Living Neem Wooden Comb for hair is designed from a single, strong piece of Indian Neem wood (Azadirachta Indica) tree. It softly massages the scalp as you brush your hair. It holds its original freshness for quite a while.

It secures healthy and microbes-protected tresses and heals dandruff. Likewise, this brush gives the sustenance to assist hair with developing and controls irritation of the hair, giving a lustrous shine to the hair.

This wooden neem brush diminishes hair fall while brushing hair. It doesn’t harm hair, and the teeth are delicately brushing the scalp. The brush gives a solid natural fragrance yet doesn’t possess an aroma like neem.

It will be valuable in animating the scalp and delivering normal oils. Combing through the hair will assist the regular oils from getting scattered in the hair. It isn’t excessively wide-toothed or thin. It’s extraordinary for regular brushing hair.

On the off chance that you have long, thick hair and you can search over that with simple better than some other brushes. If your hair is wavy and frizz-prone, I’d suggest a wider tooth comb.

Price: Rs. 400

Purchase Here.

Ancient Living Neem Wood Comb manufacturer: Ancient Living Products LLP

  • Gentle on scalp
  • Very good for any hair type to brush hair
  • It doesn’t create static in my hair
  • Untangles the hair, and there is less breakage
  • Comes in a cute little pouch
  • Expensive
  • It is a non-returnable product.
  • It’s good, but the comb sections shall be more finely carved.
  • The main downside is that the Edges of the comb are too sharp, and if you are not used to it, it might feel slightly harsh on the scalp.

10. Ved Pharma Kesh Bindu Natural Neem Wood Comb

It is made of a real neem wooden comb that gently massages and gives a healthy scalp. Kesh Bindu neem comb detangles pleasantly and doesn’t cause breakage while brushing.

Neem tree wood is the best disinfectant for regular use. Kesh Bindu Comb gives a massage to the acupuncture points by the press against the scalp. This ends up being useful for the general blood flow.

Using a Kesh Bindu’s wooden comb may be preferred for the hair over a plastic brush because a wooden comb slides easily over the hair.

It functions admirably for controlling frizz on hair. It assists with hair fall as well. Yet, the outcomes are noticeable after utilizing at any rate for a month. It advances hair development and is the guideline for dandruff and other hair issues.

Price: INR 199

Purchase Here.

Ved Pharma Kesh Bindu Natural Neem Wood Comb manufacturer: KESHBINDU

  • Smoothened tips and edges
  • Handcrafted and eco-friendly
  • It is non-toxic
  • Not harsh on the scalp and hair.
  • Strong and sturdy comb with quality 
  • The comb is not effective for dandruff.
  • This product is non-returnable. 

11. Tyaga Handmade Neem Wood Anti-Dandruff Combs

It is comprised of 100% natural genuine neem wood. It is perfect for blood circulation due to its neem properties. This tyaga comb will keep the scalp healthy.

This handmade wooden comb is polished with good-quality material. The advantages of neem are known for their restorative properties that viably forestall hair fall. It additionally assists with curb dandruff. 

It is super handy and very convenient to use. Also, it can be used for both men and women and suits well for all hair types.

Price: Rs. 249

Purchase Here.

Tyaga Handmade Neem Wood comb manufacturer: Tyaga Industries

  • Gentle on hair
  • Naturally nourishes hair
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Prevents tangles and damage
  • Help reduce dandruff and itchy scalp
  • Removes grime and foreign particles
  • The wood comb has good strength
  • This item cannot be returned.

12. The Legend organic pure neem comb

This pure comb is handcrafted from neem wood and provides a natural antibacterial effect. A handcrafted neem wood comb helps to condition hair. The manufacturer of the Legend brand guarantees genuine neem tree wood.

Legend pure neem comb helps hair from drying out and decreases split ends. It is very soft and lightweight and detangles your hair very smoothly. 

The comb has a natural woody, genuine neem fragrance of its own however that is very gentle.  The teeth are not pointy and feel smooth on the head.

It has an excellent appearance and design, which makes it exceptionally advantageous to utilize. The tooth doesn’t hurt on the scalp, unlike the harmful plastic combs.

It’s well-created and is strong and tough. The legend natural comb gives a pleasant massaging impact and relaxation before bed. The product is more handy, small enough to fit in a bag, and big enough to deal with long hair as well.

Price: INR 165

Purchase Here.

The legend organic neem wood comb manufacturer: Rondeyvoo Eurasia(OPC) Pvt. Ltd

  • Fine tooth wooden comb
  • Helps manage split ends
  • Gently massages the scalp
  • Fine toothed
  • Suitable for styling
  • Non-static 100% natural
  • Eco-friendly and hair-friendly
  • Easy to handle
  • The bristles are so soft
  • Good gap balancing between the small and wide tooth
  • It does not soak oil.
  • This comb is not returnable. So, if you receive a damaged product, you have to keep it. 

13. Tnw-The Natural Wash Neem Comb (2 In 1)

The natural wash comb is a 100 % natural non-chemical, non-toxic material neem wooden comb. Its wooden bristles are very gentle on the scalp and help improves blood circulation that rejuvenates the hair follicles.

This neem hair comb is designed with real and natural neem wood to give astonishing advantages to both hair and scalp. This handmade natural comb is uniquely prepared to detangle the hair without making harm the hair strands. 

It is reliable for itching, inflammation, or sensitive skin. It assists with lessening hair loss and dandruff. TNW Neem Wood Comb is one of the best anti-Dandruff & anti-hair fall combs in India.

This homemade comb is well shaped along with the curved teeth end. It has a pleasant neem smell and is very convenient to carry everywhere in the bag. It is suitable for women as well as men.

Price: INR 245

Purchase Here.

Tnw neem wood comb manufacturer: TNW-THE NATURAL WASH

  • Eco-friendly handmade comb
  • Pocket friendly
  • Good quality hair comb with good packaging
  • Wide teeth help to detangle hair easily
  • Maintains soft and frizz-free hair
  • Very comfortable for daily use
  • Doesn’t hurt the sensitive scalp
  • Easy to comb curly hair
  • There is no return policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Neem wood comb good for hair?

Indeed, it is made of genuine neem and handcrafted. Also, it is environment friendly, and its natural antiseptic properties help prevent the growth of microbes. Regular combing with a neem wood comb will capture thinning progress, add shine to the hair, and give relief from alopecia, dandruff, and irritated scalp. Also, these combs are anti-static, and they help increment blood circulation.

How do you clean neem wood combs?

The best method to clean a wood comb is to make a mixture of warm water, a gentle cleanser or soap, and oil. Soak it for 3 to 4 minutes. Tenderly wipe any dirt or debris from the comb and use a piece of small cotton fabric to absolutely remove/dry water. Try not to wash with harsh chemicals or dishwashing liquids.

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