Traya Review: A Personal Journey to Healthy Hair

Traya Review: A Personal Journey to Healthy Hair

I always love to discuss my experience with hair loss because this is something that is extremely close to my heart. I can confidently say that Traya’s hair products have been a game-changer for me. The feedback and experiences shared by others in Traya hair reviews gave me a unique perspective on hair loss.

Between 2020 and 2022, I grappled with severe hair loss issues that significantly impacted both my confidence and professional life. As someone who is an extrovert and enjoys meeting people, the condition took a toll on me. Each time my hair was scrutinized during meetings, I experienced nervousness and a dip in confidence. Concealing my embarrassment became a routine response whenever someone noticed the widening in my hair partition.

Believe me, when I tell you that over the past two years, I’ve explored every avenue. I’ve experimented with numerous products, tested quick solutions, and delved into home remedies. Different people suggested different medications, some attributed it to genetics, while others claimed it was too late for hair loss reversal. Unfortunately, I found that no one offered genuinely helpful or accurate information; they merely promoted their own products. In my pursuit, I attempted several remedies, only to discover that some were ineffective or worse, cost me money. One of these treatments even led to a troubling rash on my scalp.

I had resigned myself to the idea that regrowing the lost hair was beyond reach until I came across one of Traya’s hair reviews. Skepticism filled me as I read about the treatment process and the promises made in Traya’s treatment reviews. However, given my prior experiences with various treatments, I decided to give the Traya treatment a chance based on positive reviews.

During my research on Traya, I found that a significant number of individuals reported noticeable improvements in their internal health. Intrigued by these findings, I eagerly decided to try it out. Numerous Traya reviews also highlighted people’s enhanced gut health while adhering to their dietary plans.

My Journey with Traya:

I eventually went to the Traya website after reading a ton of reviews about the brand online. After completing the free online hair test, and placing the order for my first kit, I booked a call with my hair coach and the treatment began. The hair coach was really approachable, sympathetic, and polite. I particularly valued the coach’s punctuality and consideration for others’ time and treatment. I booked slots on several occasions for small queries through Traya’s app and each time, they were kind and helpful. They addressed all of my queries and offered their knowledge to me.

There are many things about Traya that I adore, but the communication was probably the most impressive aspect of the care I received. I booked the call with a hair coach who got in touch with me once my kit was delivered to me at my doorstep to go over each product’s usage and directions.

I began to observe positive changes and improvements during the fourth month of using the thoughtfully designed hair growth plan, incorporating helpful tips, and adjusting my diet and lifestyle. I dedicated myself to the treatment by taking a rigorous approach to how I managed my daily life, sleep schedule, and what I ate. As a result, I noticed a significant reduction in my hair loss. What’s particularly encouraging is that I continued to witness improvements even during periods when I had to maintain a healthy diet intermittently. Sustaining this lifestyle has undeniably played a significant role in achieving faster and more robust hair recovery overall. I got a customized diet plan according to my preference through the Traya app and the habit tracker ensures that I stick to the regime and do not skip my supplements which ultimately helped me be consistent and made the treatment sustainable.

I saw a significant improvement in the amount of daily hair loss after a few weeks and noticed some new hair growth while I was in 4th month. Traya’s treatments are particularly fantastic because they put a strong emphasis on solving the root cause which in my case was bad gut health, rather than just marketing their services.

I found Traya’s treatment quite interesting since it is a blend of Ayurveda, dermatology, and nutrition. They follow a holistic approach to addressing hair loss and ensure that one sticks to the treatment plan diligently and maintains a positive mindset. If someone commits to the treatment regimen as advised, they’ll certainly notice positive results.

Thanks to the well-crafted treatment plan they created; I consistently met the targets I had set with my hair coach. I was instructed to diligently follow my prescribed diet regimen. My treatment underwent adjustments each month. Every month, I was required to upload a picture of my scalp to the link my hair coach gave as part of their ongoing monitoring of the treatment process. They can evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment and adjust as necessary. The team gives each customer the most possible attention. All in all, this experience has been interesting and favourable for me. If you’re experiencing hair loss, Traya and its products are highly recommended.

I’ve been receiving Traya’s treatment for six months now, and overall, my hair growth has exceeded my initial expectations. Traya, their products, and their haircoaches, all performed wonders for me.

Traya Anti Hair Fall Kit

I placed my order for the treatment kit right after taking the Traya online hair test. High-quality Traya hair products were prescribed to me: 

1. Health Tatva

It is an ayurvedic herb that increases nutrient absorption for better energy and healthy hair. It focuses on the underlying reasons for hair loss and thinning hair, including poor diet, a sluggish metabolism, poor absorption, and fatigue. These immunity booster tablets, which support general health by reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth, are made with tried-and-true, secure, and organic ingredients.

Health Tatva is a plant-based, ayurvedic, herbal blend that promotes internal balance by focusing on your metabolism. It helps in the body’s absorption of all necessary nutrients. Health Tatva uses only natural, ayurvedic herbs that have no negative side effects.

Benefits of Traya Health Tatva:

  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Enhances immunity
  • It helps in the body’s absorption of all necessary nutrients.
  • Encourage overall health to prevent hair loss

How to use: It is suggested to take the tablets with water after eating. The bottle holds 60 tablets, which are sufficient for one month. One tablet with a glass of water after breakfast, one after supper, or as directed by the doctor.

2. Hair Ras

It is a herbal supplement that contains Shatavari and Bhringraj to improve hair quality. It helps to improve the dosha imbalance, blood flow, and hair follicle health of the scalp.

It provides internal hair nourishment with a combination of powerful and unique Ayurvedic medicines. It targets unhealthy hair follicles, a dosha imbalance, and poor scalp blood flow.

Hormone imbalances may result from inadequate sleep, poor food, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Herbs in hair ras like shatavari, bhringraj, and ashwagandha help this. These Ayurvedic multivitamin tablets help in promoting healthy hair because they are made with natural ingredients.

Benefits of Traya Hair Ras:

  • Boosts the blood flow to the hair follicles
  • Balances dosha
  • Improves hair health
  • Maintains Hormonal Health

How to use: It is best to consume the tablets with water after meals. Two tablets, twice a day, or as directed by doctors, will last for a month from the bottle’s 120 tablets.

3. Recap Serum

Traya Health’s Recap Serum contains the active ingredients Redensyl, Procapil, and Capixyl, which help to prevent hair loss and promote better hair growth. It addresses early hair follicle aging, DHT-induced hair follicle shrinkage, thinner hair, and the weakening of hair roots. Traya’s Recap Serum contains clinically established substances such as 3% Procapil, 3% Redensyl, and 5% Capixyl.

The ReCaP serum treats hair loss by limiting DHT’s impact on hair follicles, which can lead to poor follicle development, thinning hair, and decreased hair growth. It shields the hair from more harm and encourages stronger hair growth.

This hair growth serum contains the ingredients Redensyl and Procapil, which are supposed to rejuvenate ageing hair follicles. Because it is hard to regenerate hair from a dead follicle, it is crucial to preserve and revitalize those that are still producing hair. This hair serum helps the follicles heal and stop hair loss by increasing blood supply to the hair cells.

Benefits of Traya recap serum:

  • Makes the follicles healthier
  • Stop hair loss
  • Increases hair growth visibly.
  • Nourishes the hair follicles.
  • Strengthens hair roots

How to use: Apply the solution with the dropper to a clean, dry scalp in the areas where you see thinning or hair loss. Apply the ReCaP Serum with a dropper every night. Don’t wash it right away.

4. Scalp Oil

It is a natural herb and essential oil combination that keeps your hair voluminous and healthy from the roots. This ayurvedic scalp massage therapy boosts blood flow and stimulates hair follicles with the efficacy of herbs for hair growth.

By improving follicle health, the strong blend of herbal essential oils encourages hair growth. By reactivating dormant hair follicles and clearing up any mild dandruff symptoms on your scalp, this fortified formula with Wheat Germ, ORPL, and Motia Rosha essential oils promotes healthy hair development.

Benefits of Traya scalp oil:

  • Repairs Damage
  • Improve follicle health
  • Keeps Scalp Healthy
  • Supports Hair Growth
  • It makes hair roots stronger
  • Thicker Strands

How to use: Shake the Growth Therapy Booster container before adding it to Traya’s Scalp Oil. Take just enough, then gently massage the scalp for two to three minutes. If you have minor dandruff, leave the oil on for only three to four hours; for optimal results, leave it on overnight.

A Summary of the Traya Process

Here is a summary of how the Traya process works:

Free Online Hair Test: You begin with a basic free online hair test to determine the underlying causes of your hair problems.

Customized Treatment Plan: Based on the test results, Traya’s algorithm builds a customized treatment plan, which includes a 30-day kit of products.

Monthly Routine: It’s critical to remember that this procedure is routine. Every month, you’ll need to buy a new 30-day kit if you want to keep making progress.

What makes Traya special?

  • Traya is India’s first company to apply a new approach that combines Ayurveda, dermatology, and nutrition.
  • You can read Traya hair product reviews online from people of all ages, which will provide you with an accurate assessment of their individualized care.
  • According to Ayurveda, poor internal health is the cause of hair loss. They enquire about your metabolism, digestion, stress levels, and sleeping habits as a result. And target the issue of hair loss from the ground up. In other words, they address internal health issues to address hair loss.
  • They improve your internal wellness as well as the health of your hair.
  • It constantly provides us with individualized care thanks to their hair coaches.

Final Take

I have recommended Traya hair products to each one of my friends and colleagues, and I would do the same for anyone who wants to address their hair loss issue. In fact, several people I know have already begun their hair loss treatments and are experiencing progress!

Browsing through the Traya hair review section, I encountered numerous glowing testimonials from satisfied users. In my own review, I detailed my comprehensive experience, aiming to assist others seeking help, much like I did. Curious about the success rate of Traya? Well, let me share that there are over 25,000 Traya product reviews, with an impressive 93% attesting to tangible results, myself included.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Traya for being my mentor on the road to healthier hair and for giving me my personality, my hair, and my professional life back.