10 effective ways to make your forehead smaller

Have you got a large, broad forehead? It might make your face look bigger and larger than you really are.

Too broad or big foreheads depending on the proportion of forehead and nose height. By looking at the balance of forehead and nose length, you can instantly check whether your forehead is big or small.

If the forehead is narrow or small, it is less than the length of the nose. Having a slim forehead will deliver your face seem smaller.

If the line of the nose is less than the forehead is a wide or tall forehead. Making your forehead look smaller is the very simplest thing you can attempt.

Suppose you are searching for solutions on How to make your forehead smaller. We should do these techniques. There are 9 tricks to make forehead look smaller.

make your forehead smaller

10 effective ways to make your forehead smaller

1. Hair Transplant Method

Hair transplantation might be an option if a high hairline makes your forehead appear longer. Hair shafts from the back of the scalp are removed and transplanted along the front of the hairline during this procedure.

The forehead can also be made shorter by this surgery. You can get a smaller forehead by surgery, such as a brow lift, forehead reduction, or hair transplant.

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Hair Transplant Method

2. Make your forehead look smaller with hairstyles

There are many hairstyles for a smaller and more proportionate forehead look to your face. Hairstyles that function admirably include side bangs, bob styles, and layered volume styles.

A fundamental way of hairstyling to cover the overall face appears thinner such as a Bangs haircut, or also go for the side panel hair set.

Avoid a tightly pulled-back ponytail or bun that will make your forehead appear large. Bangs are one of the best methods to minimize the prominence of the big forehead.

You can make various hairstyles with bangs such as Bob with Full Fringe, Side Swept Bangs, Short Blonde Side Bangs, Big hair and full bangs, Voluminous Side Bang, Long Hair, and Blunt Bangs, Curly Bob with Cropped Bangs, or Wispy Bangs.

It works as a curtain to minimize the appearance of more prominent foreheads, making them look much smaller according to the face.

make your forehead look smaller with hairstyles

The size of bangs is significant for different face shapes because choose bangs according to your facial lines and angles. XXL bangs for females suit best who have a larger forehead.

It covers the exposed portion of the forehead. So, bang size creates an illusion of a narrow forehead.

If you are not a huge fan of bangs, you can make a hairstyle without bangs. Hairstyles like Long Bob Middle Part, Very Long layers, long bangs high ponytail, Lob with a Fringe, Messy with Beachy Waves, Faux Bang Updo, Braided Headwrap, Twisted Lace Braid, Long Fringe, Messy Updo, etc. are made your forehead smaller.

Also, layered hairstyles with many waves and volume form a unique frame to the face and give a classy chic style.

Asymmetrical or choppy layers are the option for females who do not like frame layers. If a layered haircut is done perfectly, it gives an elegantly natural look to get a smaller forehead.

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3. Make forehead smaller exercise

Here is the safest way to camouflage your big and broad forehead with exercise techniques. Below mentioned exercises make your forehead smaller.

Step 1: First, place your fingers on the scalp and your palm on your eyebrows. Now massage the front scalp for one minute in a circular motion. Begin with a left to right and then from up to down massage.

Step 2: Do a circular massage and gradually move it for one minute. This up-and-down massage will help animate blood flow. This will help to relax your forehead muscles.

Step 3: Use your thumbs to put your scalp and temples. Forwardly slide your forehead by moving your fingers. Beginning from the middle to the forehead and do this for 1 minute.

Step 4: Touch your forehead outline using your fingers and tenderly pulled down to the eyebrows starting from the midpoint to the temple. Repeat this for 1 minute.

Follow these steps every day and do it constantly, examining the outcomes for two months.

4. Make your forehead smaller with hair

The best way to cover a huge forehead is the style hair the way you do it. If you want a side-parted hairstyle, you have many choices because side-parted style hair can make a vision of a proportionate forehead. Part of your hair on the side seems forehead smaller.

You can do a high ponytail with a groovy side part. Moreover, you can pin it up to make a little glam impact in a ponytail.

The strands over the forehead can generate the form of a bang haircut. This hair can create your forehead and face appear balanced without sacrificing the length of the hair.

How to make your forehead smaller with hair

Besides, you can do smooth braids or curls, depending on the texture of your hair. Side bangs are a perfect option for blonde hair to reduce the width of the forehead. Shorter or medium-length blonde hair is better to cover a bigger forehead.

It is effortless to cover the forehead with curly hair because it gives a bouncy and thick appearance.

Make a deep side part in curly hair and create a swoop of your hair that can hide the top of the forehead, making it seem smaller.

While flat, straight hair tends to make your face seem even larger, wave and hair volume bring balance to your face shape. 

Making your forehead look smaller with braids may be tricky because your hair ties up together, making the forehead look bigger. But you can wear a headband to tie the braid.

Also, the bang or fringe style from the front and braids from behind looks cute, and it will give you a smaller forehead.

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Make forehead smaller with bangs

5. Make your forehead smaller naturally

Highlighting the hair is an easy method for a large forehead. Also, you can use hairstreaks or color your hair. Highlighted or colored hair diverts attention from the taller forehead to the hair.

Choosing the right haircut is the quickest trick to disguise your high hairline. While It is certainly not a permanent solution yet it is the easiest one. Do not choose a haircut that exposes your forehead.

Another simple trick for a big forehead is the right eyebrow shape. Opting for the right eyebrow shape can make your forehead appear smaller. Sharp and pointed eyebrows hide a tiny area of the forehead, making it appear smaller.

One more natural solution is growing the front of your head hair or baby hairs that can hide your forehead. Coconut oil, aloe vera gel, olive oil, and onion oil can regrow forehead hair. These ingredients can reduce your forehead naturally.

how to make your forehead look smaller with blonde hair

6. Make forehead smaller with makeup

The easiest method to make your forehead appears shorter quickly is to apply a bronzer. Always use a three-shade darker bronzer than your natural face tone, just like foundation.

Take a little bronzer and apply the shade on the temples and around the hairline. Blend ideally using a tapered blush brush.

So, you can get your forehead to look smaller using a bronzer that creates a small, more robust bone structure.

How to make forehead smaller with makeup

Using a darker shade of foundation on the forehead temples and hairline can help make your forehead look smaller.

Choose a matte concealer or foundation which is four shades darker than your natural skin tone. Now blend it properly for a seamless finish.

You can use a bold blush color to distract attention away from your brow. It is also an efficient technique to use shimmery shining cheek products. It causes the light to reflect on your cheekbones, emphasizing the center of your face.

If you don’t prefer to do daily makeup, you can go for hairstyles or haircuts to make your forehead smaller without makeup.

7. Make your forehead smaller surgery

You can create the forehead appear narrower by reaching the forehead surgery or hair transplant method. Forehead reduction surgery is also called hairline reduction surgery.

There is very little pain with surgery, and this method gives you a permanent solution to get a narrow forehead. Surgery to make the forehead smaller cost is very high, approximately $7,000.

So, everyone cannot prefer such a high price surgery treatment. For such people, exercise, styling hair, or makeup is the best option to make your forehead smaller without surgery.

8. Make your forehead smaller without makeup or surgery

If you have a lot of space on your head, bigger eyebrows draw less attention to your head, and you shorten the place.

So, make your eyebrows look bigger and bolder than they are, which creates less space on your forehead.

By the right shape of your eyebrows, you can make your forehead seem shorter. The angular and arch eyebrows help to lessen the appearance of a large forehead.

If you like bold eyebrows, a thicker eyebrow will lift your face. This dramatic eye look creates the illusion of less forehead space.

A big forehead woman can also make a forehead appear smaller by cover-up a hat on the head, Wearing a bold necklace or funky earrings, headbands, or other hair accessories.

A headband is a secret to hiding your head, and you can make a nice hairstyle slip on a headband.

How to make your forehead smaller without surgery

9. Make forehead smaller with contour

Contour is defining your face. Pick a dark color and put it on your forehead line, and girl, you fall in there, you blend that.

Blend in the dark side and the light together, and you get the illusion of your forehead is smaller and more defined.

For instance, you can make a square face or round face with contouring to look like a heart-shaped face. It’s awe-inspiring.

When contouring is well-executed, you can’t tell that the initial bone structure was a square.

But ensure you use the best contour to make your forehead look smaller. Choose one that doesn’t harm the skin of your forehead. You don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive product. Instead, you can purchase high-quality items from a well-renowned brand.

Just research a bit; some brands help buy affordable, high-quality contour and other cosmetic products.

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How to make forehead smaller with contour

10. Make your forehead smaller permanently

If you desire a permanent solution to a high hairline, exercise or surgery may work effectively. Exercise technique is quite time-consuming, but it is a very safest and most natural way to get the forehead smaller.

Also, some haircuts give you a smaller forehead permanently, like Long Deep Side Bangs, Lose FringesBob Cut with Straight Bangs, etc.

Tip: One of the simplest ways to get a shorter forehead is to edit pictures on the photo editor app.


From hairstyles to makeup, there are many simple and easy methods for small foreheads. It is not a tricky situation; especially if you need to balance your facial features. Make sure you choose an alternative that allows you to oversee without any problem. 

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