How effective is Aromatherapy for Dry skin?

Navigating the world of skincare, especially dry skin care, is incredibly difficult. You can have dry skin for various reasons, which can get quite annoying. There are multiple remedies, but they don’t work for everyone.

Aromatherapy for dry skin

The good news is that aromatherapy, a therapeutic method involving the use of essential oils, can do wonders for dry skin. Moreover, there is an essential oil for every skin issue and every skin type. 

Essential oils are highly concentrated chemical substances that maintain a plant’s essence or aroma and are obtained from a variety of natural plants and fruits through distillation or cold-pressing.

Essential oils offer an array of benefits, such as reducing stress, helping induce sleep, and providing antimicrobial qualities to the skin. 

These pleasant-smelling oils are made from aromatic plants and can be mixed with your favorite lotion, shower gel, or bath product to pamper your dry skin.

The nourishment from these essential oils will effectively keep your skin hydrated and plump. 

How to use essential oils on dry skin? 

You can effectively cure dry and dull skin by adding essential oils to your skincare routine. Applying your choice moisturizer or carrier oil to your face, body, or cuticles after blending one or two drops of essential oils into it is all that is necessary. To ensure you are not allergic, you must first do a patch test before utilizing essential oils.

Experts recommend a handful of essential oils for dry skin types: Frankincense essential oil is good for dry, irritated skin; Helichrysum oil hydrates dry, flaky skin; Geranium oil is perfect for moisturizing dry and irritated skin in winters; and Lavender oil treats bites, burns, soothes chapped and dry skin. 

essential oils for dry skin

Does essential oil dry out the skin (are they safe)?

Usually, essential oils are completely safe to use without any side effects. However, you must take a patch test before using them. Drinking or eating essential oils is unwise.

You need to consider a few things to figure out which essential oils are suitable for your skin. You must consider dosage, purity, treatment technique, and potential drug combinations. 

Following instructions for dilution of the oil, analyzing each oil by reading about it, not overdoing it, and consulting an expert for general safety advice.

Moreover, some dermatologists argue that skin care is a science and essential oils can be harmful to the skin. Using something only because it is extracted from natural ingredients can be dicey and cause unexpected and painful skin reactions.

While inhaling certain essential oils has proven benefits, they can do more harm than good when applied to the skin. As a result, knowing which oils are good for your skin is important.

5 best essential oils for dry skin

There are so many essential oils, with at least one for every skin type and skin issue. But dry skin is woe for everyone, especially in winters; it is necessary to employ these fragrant oils to provide hydration and relief to the chapped and irritated skin. 

Lavender essential oil 

You may have heard of the benefits of lavender essential oil for sleep and relaxation, but did you know that it works wonders on dry skin as well? Lavender essential oil soothes rough, dry, and irritated skin. It is a natural analgesic and can help relieve pain while promoting healing and overall skin health. 

Chamomile essential oil 

Chamomile oil is one of the best anti-inflammatory essential oils and can provide a soothing, nourishing, and calming touch to your dry skin. The gentle herb is known for its many benefits to the human body, and healing dry and irritated skin is one of them. However, if you have ragweed allergies, you should steer clear of this oil. 

Sandalwood essential oil 

Sandalwood is famous for its nourishing and plumping effects on dry skin. It contains compounds that can help reduce skin inflammation. It smells great and is a dry skin savior with its soothing qualities. 

Frankincense essential oil 

Frankincense essential oil can help soothe dry skin, help skin cell regeneration and vitality, heal irritations, and even out skin tone. It is one of the best remedies for curing dry skin, as it supports cell regeneration and reduces flaky skin. 

Geranium essential oil 

Geranium essential oil is known as the “one size fits all” of winter oils. It boasts astringent-like qualities that make the skin plump and healthy. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help minimize red, dry, and irritated skin.